An Extraordinary Exchange : Icrypex

Icrypex was founded by financial professionals who have worked in spot FX, fixed income derivatives and structured products markets. Unlike the most of the exchanges in all around the world, Icrypex provide real coin wallets (addresses) in their coin cores.

This means, every transaction you make over Icrypex, also materialize on real blockchain, not only in Icrypex coin market. With this, you do really have bitcoins, ethers and XRPs. Thanks to the private key and the blockchain wisdom we provide, you can access your crypto currencies whenever you like.

Icrypex keeps all your records, holdings and info via multi-layer secured servers with the help of 2FA verification.

Icrypex began its business, aiming to deliver the most transparent, real, fast executed and the low fee environment to its customers.

It means, we bring you the real blockchain technology.

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