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What is Cosmos (ATOM)?

Cosmos is a blockchain network that enables developers to create their own networks with open source tools. Atom is the native token of the Cosmos network and has been promoted since the ICO.

Cosmos aims to be the “internet of blockchains”, enabling free data and token sharing between blockchains. Blockchains hosted in the Cosmos ecosystem can complete their transactions.

Cosmos aims to host an entire ecosystem of networks rather than developing a single blockchain. Each free blockchain created within the Cosmos network is called a “Zone” and is embedded within the main Cosmos hub, called the “Cosmos Hub”. Cosmos Hub keeps track of all “Zones” and is responsible for the wholesome functioning of the networks.

Cosmos Hub is a network powered by ATOM using the “Proof of Stake” algorithm. Users make improvements using ATOM and Cosmos in line with Cosmos' roadmap, and the costs of activities within the network are paid in ATOM.

You can start now exchanging ATOM on ICRYPEX. It's easy to download the ICRYPEX App on Huawei APP Gallery, Google Play Store and Apple APP Store.


How Does Cosmos Work?

The Cosmos network consists of three layers:

Application Layer: It is the layer that provides the execution of the operations in the network.

Networking Layer: Allows communication between transactions and blockchains, enabling the creation of new Cosmos networks.

Consensus Layer: Helps the nodes agree on the current state of the system, maintaining the flow of the network.

To connect all layers and allow developers to build blockchain applications, Cosmos relies on a set of open source tools.



The centerpiece of this layered design is the Tendermint BFT (Byzantine Fault Tolerance) engine, a critical part of the network that allows developers to build blockchains without having to code from scratch.

Tendermint BFT is an algorithm used by the computer network running the Cosmos software to secure the network, verify transactions, and commit blocks to the blockchain. This algorithm connects to applications via a protocol called “Blockchain Interface”.

The History of Cosmos (ATOM)

Over 250 decentralized applications run on Cosmos. This shows that "adaptation", one of the most important thresholds for "advanced technology", is in real development for the Cosmos network.

The Swiss Interchain Foundation (ICF), which was established to fund open-source blockchain projects, provided the beginning of the development phase of Cosmos.

Software developers Jae Kwon and Ethan Buchman laid the foundations of the Cosmos network together in 2014 and created one of the most important consensus, Tendermint, to strengthen Cosmos.

Buchman and Kwon later wrote the Cosmos Whitepaper and released the Cosmos software in 2019. The Interchain Foundation held an ICO for the Cosmos network and ATOM in 2017 and managed to raise $17 million in funding during this offering.


How to Buy Cosmos (ATOM)?

Create your ICRYPEX membership by clicking the “New Membership” button on the ICRYPEX home page. If you wish, you can complete the signing-up process via ICRYPEX iOS, Android or HarmonyOS applications.

You should verify your ICRYPEX account. So, you reach the top security level and start trading Cosmos (ATOM).

After the membership process, you can directly transfer Turkish lira or cryptocurrency via the “Deposit” tab on ICRYPEX. You can fund your ICRYPEX account initiating EFT, Wire Transfer or FAST from your bank account.

After the deposit, you can start trading ATOM Token with the "Easy Buy-Sell" or "Pro-View" modes. Your crypto portfolio is always with you on ICRYPEX applications.


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