• ISTANBUL12:56:03
  • NEW YORK7:48:06
  • LONDON12:47:17
  • MOSCOW15:47:33
  • TOKYO21:47:45
Due to Official Public Holiday in Turkey on May 19 Will Be Completed on the Next Work Day

Due to the fact that banks are on a public holiday on May 19, Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, TRY withdrawal requests via EFT entered on May 19, 2022, can be processed after 09:00 on Friday, May 20.

Your withdrawal requests via wire transfer with Akbank, VakıfBank, İş Bankası, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, Fibabanka and Ziraat Bank will continue without interruption during this process.

You can continue your TRY deposit transactions via wire transfer from your Akbank, VakıfBank, İş Bankası, Türkiye Finans Katılım Bankası, Fibabanka and Ziraat Bank accounts or via FAST* from other banks.

* The daily deposit limit with FAST is 5,000 TRY.

Zero Trading Fee on Selected Dozens of Cryptocurrencies!

In ICRYPEX, commission fee has been removed for trading APE, TLM, REEF, SUN, JUST, BTT, SXP, LRC, DENT, PNG, EDIS, ALTAY.


The conditions are drewn by ICRYPEX under 'Invite Your Friend, Get Your 10 TRY Worth Bitcoin!' campaign was amended as 'Invite Your Friend, Get Your 20 TRY Worth Bitcoin!' The campaign has started as of April 1, 2022 and will continue unless otherwise stated by ICRYPEX with the conditions below.

Within the scope of the campaign, a gift BTC balance of 30 TRY is charged to the account of the person who is a registered member of ICRYPEX with a friend's reference code and 20 TRY to the friend who is a registered member of ICRYPEX with a reference code. 

In order to benefit from this campaign, you must have completed the KYC (Identity Verification) process. The process is valid for all users and ones who sign up by entering a reference code.

  • Users cannot open an account on ICRYPEX with the information of other people and cannot register through the reference code. ICRYPEX is not responsible for the failure to receive the gift due to missing or incorrect contact information or any reason during participation in the campaign. 

  • When registering on the ICRYPEX mobile application or web, the TR Identity Number, date of birth, telephone number, e-mail information requested by you must be correct. Users are obliged to prove the accuracy of this information if it is determined by ICRYPEX that it is incomplete or incorrect. Otherwise, ICRYPEX has the right to recover the gift amounts deposited into these persons' accounts, without prejudice to the right to close fake accounts. 

  • ICRYPEX will review the information of both the reference owner and the users performing the membership process, and if it is determined that there is missing or incorrect information in the accounts, it has the right to recover the gift balances given to both users.  

  • The gift Bitcoin balance will be saved in the system only by you within 15 business days from the date of your membership and can be transferred to your bank account. Balances cannot be transferred to another person's bank accounts. 

  • The maximum amount of Bitcoin that the users participating in the campaign can receive is 100,000 TRY. 

  • ICRYPEX reserves the right to change the draw and campaign dates specified herein without notice, to suspend the campaigns and to terminate the draws.  

Everyone participating in this campaign is deemed to have accepted the above-mentioned conditions. 

You can start transferring via Turkiye Is Bankasi on ICRYPEX!

You can start transferring via Turkiye Is Bankasi on ICRYPEX!
Transactions via Turkiye Is Bankasi is automatic, without any fees, and 24/7.

Enjin Coin is on ICRYPEX!

ICRYPEX lists ENJ, the native cryptocurrency of the Enjin Coin project having DeFi compatibility, integration with blockchain products such as NFTs and gaming.

You can start exchanging ENJ/USDT and ENJ/TRY on ICRYPEX.

Click to start trading ENJ!

The Sandbox (SAND) is on ICRYPEX!

ICRYPEX lists SAND, the native cryptocurrency of The Sandbox, the famous Metaverse project where players own gaming experiences.

You can start exchanging SAND/USDT and SAND/TRY on ICRYPEX.

Click to start trading SAND!

ICRYPEX NFT Bazaar Is Live!

ICRYPEX NFT Bazaar Is Live! A New Era For Digital Art Begins with "ICRYPEX NFT Bazaar"!

Discover a new dimension in digital art, blockchain technology and unique NFTs with ICRYPEX!

Register now: and start your NFT adventure!

Gamer Arena Utility Token (GAU Token) Listing on ICRYPEX!

Gamer Arena Utility Token (GAU Token) Is On ICRYPEX at 00.00!

Start trading now in GAU/TRY pair on ICRYPEX!

Gamer Arena Utility Token is on ICRYPEX!

Utilize Your Talents with ICRYPEX on Gamer Arena!

Select Your Game, Start Competing in GAU Token!

Don't Miss the GAU Token Pre-Sale Opportunity on November 22-25! Click to join the Pre-Sale:

29 October Republic Day Public Holiday Announcement

Since banks are on a public holiday on October 29, Republic Day, TL withdrawal requests by EFT entered after 11:00 on Thursday, October 28, 2021 can be processed after 09:00 on Monday, November 1st. Your withdrawal requests via wire transfer with Akbank, VakıfBank, FibaBank and Ziraat Bank will continue uninterruptedly during this process.

You can continue your TL deposit transactions uninterruptedly by wire transfer from your Akbank, VakıfBank, FibaBank and Ziraat Bank accounts or via FAST* from other banks.

* Daily deposit limit with FAST is 2000 TL.

Information About MPAY

At 28-10-2021, on Thursday 16:00 (UTC+3), transactions on the following trading pair: MENAPAY (MPAY/TRY) will be removed, and the relevant digital asset: MPAY, will be delisted.

Our MPAY holders will be able to transfer their relevant assets.


Edis shaking the world with his music, has now stepped into the crypto world with ICRYPEX!
Don't miss the pre-sale opportunity on 18-20 October.

Sign up now!

ICRYPEX Steve Academy Meetıngs Are Startıng On October 9!

Crypto World Is Waiting For You at Zorlu PSM!

Are you ready to meet Stevedabitcoin & ICRYPEX team and join the mindful, joyful crypto world with a cup of coffee?

Build your own strategy by cryptocurrency market training! The training is without any fees. Don't miss out on meeting the ICRYPEX team, Stevedabitcoin, KriptoLevent, Baharlanya, and many other faces.

Click to join!


ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ, Has Raised Its Capital to 50 Billion TRY.

Dear Users,

ICRYPEX, which has achieved many firsts, has raised its capital to 50 Billion TRY. ICRYPEX aims to offer a transparent, secure, and fast investment environment to its users and grows as one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms in Turkey.


About Avalanche Network Update

Dear user, ICRYPEX is supporting the Avalanche (AVAX) network upgrade.

Avalanche (AVAX) mainnet upgrade will take place at 23/09/2021 01:00.

Due to the upgrade on the network, AVAX deposits and withdrawals on our exchange platform will be temporarily suspended starting from 22/09/2021 (today) at 23:00.

The trading of AVAX will not be affected during the upgrade, and all technical requirements of users holding AVAX in their ICRYPEX accounts will be met by ICRYPEX Crypto Exchange.

Altay Token is only on ICRYPEX!

Great Altay's Super League story begins again after 18 years. As an ICRYPEX member, you can join this great excitement. If you want to take part in the future of Altay Spor, don't miss the pre-sale of Altay Token on September 13! Altay Token with advantageous prices only on ICRYPEX!

Click to Participate in Pre-Sale!

Information About AVAX

Dear Users,

​ According to the announcement made by Avalanche, on Tuesday, August 24 (Today) at approximately 17:00 C-Chain Dynamic Fees, which is the third stage of the project of burning the fees paid on the Avalanche network, and the London EIPs Support updates, which enable asset transfer with the Ethereum network, will be activated. Due to these updates, AVAX withdrawals and deposits on our exchange will be temporarily suspended as of 16:00 and will be restarted after it is confirmed that the update has been implemented without any problems. In the meantime, you can continue your AVAX buying and selling transactions on our exchange without interruption.

Göztepe Fan Token ($GOZ Token) is on ICRYPEX!

Göztepe Fan Token, ($GOZ Token) is listed by ICRYPEX. With the cooperation of ICRYPEX, Chiliz and Göztepe, #GOZ Fan Token is on ICRYPEX! Trading pairs ₺GOZ/TRY and $GOZ/USDT have started!

About Ethereum London Update

Dear users, The London update that will be carried out on the Ethereum network by Ethereum developers in a planned manner, on Thursday, August 5th, at 14:40 p.m., network 12,965,000. when submitted to the blog. Due to the update, the exchange will be channel and shooting for Ethereum and all ERC20 as of 13:00 on Thursday, August 5th. Once deposited and received by browsers, Ethereum will normally be active again as soon as it clears after being liked. You can follow the purchase of London's package, 000 more. In the meantime, purchase and sale transactions will continue on our stock exchange.

ICRYPEX Kripto Fest 2021

We are bringing technology enthusiasts together at Crypto Fest 2021 on August 7-8, 2021. ICRYPEX Crypto Fest 2021, which will be one of the biggest events in Europe in the cryptocurrency industry, will host many important names and projects.

Eid-al-Adha Public Holiday Announcement

Dear Users,

Due to the fact that banks are on a public holiday during the Eid al-Adha, EFT and TL withdrawal requests entered as of 11:15 on Monday, July 19 can be processed after 09:00 on Monday, July 26.
During the official holiday, you can continue your deposit and withdrawal transactions without interruption through Akbank, VakıfBank, Ziraat Bankası and Fibabanka.


Don't Miss Opportunities with ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency App!

Carry the most popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, LINK in your pocket with the ICRYPEX cryptocurrency app; Don't lose opportunities!

With an extremely secure, easy-to-use and simple interface to invest in cryptocurrencies, the ICRYPEX cryptocurrency app offers a complete experience for all levels of traders. ICRYPEX cryptocurrency app is now available on iOS, App Store with its infrastructure that provides superior user experience and advanced buy-to-let features!

Download the ICRYPEX cryptocurrency app now so you don't miss the opportunity that goes into your pocket!  

Information About Akbank Transactions

Dear Users,
Today, due to the problems experienced in Akbank systems, money inflows and outflows cannot be made.
You can continue your transactions uninterruptedly through VakıfBank and Ziraat Bank until the system is fixed at Akbank.

Important Announcement About Fraud Attempts To Be Made On Behalf Of ICRYPEX!

Dear Users,

Under no circumstances, ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ never requests user password/2 factor verification code and similar personal information via telephone, SMS, WhatsApp, e-mail or other communication channels.

As ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ, we have 2 mobile company lines and the relevant numbers are 05395747196 and 05397787395. Apart from these numbers, people who introduce themselves as an ICRYPEX employee through communication channels, give gifts etc. We would like to remind you that the person/persons who request the sharing of personal information for the products won, request to send money to a 3rd party account and/or send a crypto address to this address should not be informed.

In case you encounter suspicious situations as above, you can provide information 24/7 by connecting to our ICRYPEX Call Center (0850 255 1079), our live support team via Chat or via [email protected]

Important announcement! About Phishing Websites

Dear Users,

We advise you to be wary of sites and e-mails that request user data, password, phone number or two-stage security code using the ICRYPEX corporate identity, logo or name.

In order to be protected from these phishing websites, pay attention to the browser address bar before logging in to ICRYPEX.

You should make sure that "" is written in the address bar of your browser, you should only use the "" page when logging into ICRYPEX.

Legal and technical proceedings have been initiated against all phishing activities carried out using the ICRYPEX corporate identity. Efforts are underway to close the relevant websites.

If you come across such a website created using the corporate identity, design, logo or name of ICRYPEX, we kindly ask you to share it with the e-mail address "[email protected]".

About Dollar (USD) Transactions

Dear Users,
Our dollar (USD) boards will be closed as of Thursday, 27.05.2021, while the Tether boards will be open for all cryptocurrencies. You can continue your trading transactions over related Tether (USDT) and TRY boards as of that date.

You can withdraw USD balances from your accounts until 28.05.2021. You can continue your Tether and TRY withdrawals as of that date.

Maker (MKR) is on ICRYPEX!

Start trading now in MKR/TRY and MKR/USDT pairs on ICRYPEX!

Aave (AAVE) is on ICRYPEX!

Start trading now in AAVE/TRY and AAVE/USDT pairs on ICRYPEX!

About May 19 Official Holiday

Dear Users,
Due to the May 19, Youth and Sports Day, all your TL withdrawal requests that you will make via EFT on Wednesday, May 19 will be processed at 09:00 on Thursday, May 20.

You can continue your TL deposit transactions without any interruption via wire transfer from your Akbank, Vakıf Bank and Ziraat Bank accounts or via FAST from other banks. USD withdrawal transactions can only be made to Vakıf Bank and Ziraat Bank during the official holiday.

About Withdrawal Transactions

Dear Users,
Due to the Ramadan holiday, all your TL withdrawal requests that you will make via EFT as of Wednesday, May 12, will be processed at 09:00 on Monday, May 17.
You can continue your TL deposit transactions without any interruption via wire transfer from your Akbank, Vakıf Bank and Ziraat Bank accounts or via FAST from other banks.
USD withdrawal transactions can only be made to Vakıf Bank and Ziraat Bank during the official holiday.

About Blockchain Withdrawal Fee Update

No withdrawal commission is applied to the main cryptocurrencies such as BTC, XRP and XLM. The updated blockchain fees are as follows: 0.01 AVAX in AVAX withdrawals; 0.001 LTC in LTC withdrawals; 0.01 ALGO in ALGO withdrawals; 20 BAT for BAT, 20 USDT for USDT, 0.6 LINK for LINK, 30 FTM for FTM, 0.1 DOT for DOT, 2 TRYB for TRYB, 10 MPAY for MPAY, in token withdrawals. The fee received is deducted from the amount sent by the investor.

Announcement About Deposit/Withdrawal Limits

As of 28.04.2021, minimum net deposit limit from all banks has been revised as 100.00 TRY – 100.00 USD, minimum withdrawals has revised as 50.00 TRY – 100.00 USD.

Termination Of Our Papara Partnership

In line with the company policies, our PAPARA ELEKTRONİK PARA A.Ş partnership will be terminated on 27/04/2021, and no deposit/withdrawal transactions will be allowed on the platform as of this date

Ethereum Berlin Network Upgrade Announcement

Dear Users,
Due to the Ethereum Berlin network upgrade, which will take place at 12:04 am local time in Turkey, deposits and withdrawals of ETH and ERC-20 tokens (ETH, BAT, FTM, MPAY, LINK, USDT, TRYB) will be temporarily suspended as of 11.30 am local time in Turkey on 15/04/2021. The deposit and withdraw transactions will be active after it is certain that the transactions on the network are taking place normally.

Stellar (XLM) Deposit & Withdrawal System Notice

There are delays in XLM deposits and withdrawals due to a general problem with the Stellar network. The delays will continue until the problem is resolved by Stellar.

Announcement About Ethereum

Due to the 51-hour protest of Ethereum miners that will start on April 1, delays in transactions that will take place on the network during this period and, accordingly, volatility in the Ethereum price may be experienced.

Scheduled Maintenance and Update Activities 28.02.2021

In order to serve you better, scheduled maintenance and update activities will be carried out on our servers between 28.02.2021, 05.00 - 06.00 (GMT +03.00).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Informing MPAY Deposit Transactions

MPAY deposits have been suspended on our Exchange. MPAY shooting and buying and selling operations are still in progress.

FinTech Post Graduate Program Starts With ICRYPEX Contributions!

The application process of Bahçeşehir University FinTech Post Graduate Program, prepared with the contributions of ICRYPEX, has started. Click here to take advantage of the scholarship opportunity and learn detailed information.

Update on Tether (USDT) Withdrawals

The minimum withdrawal amount for Tether (USDT) withdrawals from our exchange has been updated as 50 (fifty) USDT.
In addition, with this update, the transfer fee for USDT withdrawals will be applied as 5 USDT.

ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange Begins Listing Algorand (ALGO)!

ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange lists Algorand (ALGO) and brings together Turkish cryptocurrency investors with another project that can change the future of finance and cryptocurrencies.

Update About Dolar Deposite and Withdraw with Akbank

We will not allow your dollar deposite to our Akbank dollar account since 28.01.2021. Please choose our other dolar bank account for your dolar deposite. There will be fee, If you withdraw to your Akbank dolar account.

We Became Sponsor of Beşiktaş JK Men's Basketball A Team!

As ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange, we became the new name sponsor of Beşiktaş JK Men's Basketball A Team.

We Renewed Our Logo!

As Icrypex, we entered the new year quickly, we made many innovations! We have renewed our logo, special for these days, where you will always hear our voices and encounter us frequently. As always, we are happy to be with you with a transparent, reliable and strong dynamic.

Information on Dollar and Turkish Lira Transactions

TL and USD price coins sent to our exchange allow the purchase and sale of all cryptocurrencies listed on our exchange, and for transactions sent in TL, outflows must be made in TL as price money, and in USD price money for transactions sent in USD. If it is determined that the crypto amounts received against TL balances are converted to USD and the USD exit request is sent, ICRYPEX Bilişim A.Ş. does not allow the exit of the relevant amount and / or has the authority to cancel the relevant exit transaction. We present to the public.

Announcement About Icrypex, AKBANK IBAN Change!

As of 09.01.2021, Akbank IBAN numbers will be changed and updated on our site.



Announcement on the Termination of Odeabank Deposit-Withdrawal Transactions!


As of 04.01.2021, TL and USD deposit and withdrawal transactions through Odeabank have ended. Deposit and withdrawal transactions sent through Odeabank will not be accepted. 

Information About Fraud and Abuse Transactions!
By ICRYPEX, "a special limit of X TL has been defined for your account, request your promotional code to use the limit defined by you" etc. SMS / mail sending is not made. Such incoming sms / mails should not be respected and ICRYPEX customer representative should be contacted immediately.
Notification of EFT Request Time Change

As of 15.12.2020, the last EFT request time has been changed to 15:30. We kindly ask our investors, who make withdrawal requests to banks with which we do not have a contract, to consider.

Scheduled Maintenance and Update Activities 06.12.2020

In order to serve you better, scheduled maintenance and update activities will be carried out on our servers between 06.12.2020, 03: 00-04: 00 (GMT +03.00).

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Update on USD Withdrawals

Customer who wants to withdraw dollar has to deposit dollar at least one time before his/her dollar withdraw request.

Update on Crypto Withdrawals

Investors who want to withdraw cryptocurrencies from our exchange must have made a withdrawal or deposit through a bank at least once.

AVAX is Listing on Icrypex!

AVAX created by Turkish computer scientist Emin Gün Sirer, listing on Icrypex!

Investors will be able to trade AVAX with USD and TRY on Icrypex.

Click to start trading with AVAX!

System Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance activities will be carried out on our servers between 02:00 - 05:00 (GMT +03.00). Our users may experience a partial slowdown in their access.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Information Regarding Dollar Transfers Made Through Akbank

 In dollar transfers (SWIFT) from other banks to Akbank, 7 $ transaction fee is charged by Akbank. This transaction fee, unlike the SWIFT fees that investors pay to his/her own bank, is charged from Icrypex’s Akbank account and is only valid for dollar transfers. If you have made your dollar transfer to Akbank, your dollar withdrawal requests are also met through Akbank. In bank withdrawals other than Akbank, there will be 7 $ transaction fee excluding the correspondent bank fee.

Information About Commission Rates Change

Cryptocurrency transaction commission rates have been updated on 06.08.2020. You can access our new commission rates from this page.

Regulation About Bank Funds

Our investors who will fund through the bank can withdraw 24 hours after their first TRY and USD deposit. In this concept, our investors are required to send their ID photo and application photographs and complete their account approval durations primarily within the KYC process for more than 1000 TRY or USD equivalent amount. In the first transfers made through the bank, our investors will be allowed to withdraw cryptocurrency 24 hours later.

Trading With Credit Card Has Started!

In Icrypex, in addition to banks and Papara, cryptocurrencies can be bought with credit cards. All investors who have level 2 account can buy cryptocurrencies whenever they want with a credit card.

Click to get bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from Icrypex by credit card!

Update About Vakıf Bank Money Transfers

Money transfer to our Vakıfbank account should be send via Vakıfbank accounts. EFT from another bank accounts cannot be approve. We ask to our investors who want to EFT from another bank account to use our other banks that we have a contract with.

Click for our contracted banks!

The Commission Fee is Zero on Bilira Buys

There is no commission fee on Icrypex for Bilira buys till 100.000 TL. There will be a commission fee for investors who exceed 100.000 TL Bilira buy volume according to their account level.

Regulation on Funding on the Papara Payment System

1. In the KYC process of our investors who are funding through the money payment system, should send the current dated and barcode residence with e-devlet or from the reeve, or any of the electricity, water, telephone, internet, natural gas bills on behalf of the account holder for the last three months to the [email protected] mail address. After one of these documents is completed, fiat money and crypto money withdrawals will be allowed.

2. Before you can make a deposit or withdrawal transaction with Papara, you must first make a deposit from your bank at least once. Once you have made money transfer to your Icrypex account via a bank, you can deposit and withdraw money with Papara accordance your transaction limits.

3. The first TL and USD deposit of our investors who transfer via the bank realized after 24 hours. Also, the cryptocurrency withdrawal rule will be applied as 48 hours for our investors who invest through Papara.

BiLira is Listing on Icrypex!

The first blockchain-based Turkish stable coin BiLira started to be listed on Icrypex.

Investors will be able to buy 1 BiLira for 1 Turkish Lira and convert 1 BiLira to 1 Turkish Lira in cash on Cryptocurrency, abbreviated as TRYB, is listed in Icrypex with TRYB / TRY trading pair. All investors who have completed the KYC / AML process can buy BiLira on

Click to start trading with BiLira!

Blockchain Economy Istanbul Was Realized Under the Sponsorship of Icrypex!

2nd of Blockchain Economy Istanbul, the biggest blockchain fair of MENA and Eurasia, sponsored by Icrypex, was held at Wow Istanbul Hotel on February 20-21. The organization which hosted many international and Turkish cryptocurrency and blockchain corporations included important projects and leading names in blockchain technology. Important names such as Wall Street analyst Tom Lee and founder Nicolas Cary evaluated the future of cryptocurrencies.

The guests had the chance to meet the leaders of the industry through the giant organization and to have detailed information about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Cryptocurrency Lovers Meet at Crypto Meet!

Crypto Meet begins, where we will talk to cryptocurrencies with the industry's leading names. The event, which will take place at Şişli Nurol Tower on Saturday, February 22, also includes technical analysis training from Halil REÇBER and bitcoin award-winning quiz. Click for the event plan, speaker details and registration!

Cryptocurrency Analysis Training

Icrypex, the first Turkish cryptocurrency exchange that sends daily and weekly analysis to its investors, organizes analysis training for those who want to learn technical analysis methods and learn about artificial intelligence models.

Click for the details of the training that will take place in our office on January 18 and for registration!

Cryptocurrency Transfers Are Now Free

In cryptocurrency transfers at Icrypex, we have removed the transfer fee! The transaction fee for your Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple shipments is now ZERO! Icrypex will pay the blockchain fee for your transfers. Start free cryptocurrency transfer with Icrypex, which always aims to provide a faster and flawless investment experience!

Turkey's Most Comprehensive Cryptocurrency Program Began!

Crypto & Finance on our YouTube channel with the presentation of Icrypex Operation Manager Yiğit Özay! In the program, cryptocurrencies will be evaluated with special subjects and guests.

In the program; the importance of blockchain technology, the relationship of other investment instruments with cryptocurrencies, the impact of current improvement on cryptocurrency pricing, and the future of cryptocurrencies will be mentioned frequently. Also, the program, where you can learn the advantages of cryptocurrencies in detail as an investment and transfer tool, aims to eliminate all questions about the cryptocurrencies.

Watch on YouTube Channel

Earn Commission as You Trade

Do not pay commission on your maker and taker orders, earn 0.05% gift commission. To benefit from the campaign that will be valid until the end of 2019, you can get information from our call center or contact us on the support page.

Changing Maximum Commission at Papara

For Papara payment acceptance and payment distribution, 2% or maximum transaction fee is 100 TL pricing, 2% commission or maximum transaction fee is 150 TL. As of now, current pricing will be updated to be valid.

Thousands of People Won Cryptocurrency With Onedio Crypto Fest

The Onedio competition Crypto Fest, sponsored by Icrypex, ended and thousands of people won 50,000 XRP, while the finalists shared 1 BTC. Thank you for your interest.

Prize Contest with 1 Bitcoin and 50,000 Ripple

The first crypto prize-winning contest of Onedio, which will be held under the sponsorship of Icrypex and will last for two days, will start at 21.30 on 5 and 6 August. On both days, the winners remaining for the last 3,000 will be entitled to receive the XRP award, and the number of XRP deposited in ICrypex wallets will increase exponentially in proportion to the number of correctly answered questions. The 10 finalists will receive a total of 1 BTC and will receive the grand prize. For all your questions about the contest, you can get information from our call center or contact us on our support page.


We support Turkish sports with our sponsorships of Beşiktaş Icrypex Basketball Team, 1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars, Altay Sports Club and Göztepe Sports Club. ICRYPEX will continue to stand by Turkish sports.

  • Beşiktaş
  • Altay
  • Göztepe
  • Fenerbahçe