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Future of Litecoin

  • 05 Kasım 2020 Perşembe
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Litecoin is a cryptocurrency built on a decentralized and open-source blockchain system that launched on GitHub by Charlie Lee, a former Google employee. Litecoin is known as the "silver" of cryptocurrencies, it is cheaper than a bitcoin and count as a daily transaction tool. Litecoin uses a different algorithm "scrypt" and thanks to this algorithm it has very fast transaction confirmation times.


How Do Cryptocurrencies Affect the Global Market?

  • 05 Kasım 2020 Perşembe
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Cryptocurrencies have become very popular as they can make big profits in a short time, but in addition to this, the fact that the markets are volatile, it can bring big losses. For example, if we examine the Bitcoin chart, it rose from $ 1000 to $ 19000 in 2017, and then faced sales pressure and fell sharply. But today it has been able to recover towards the level of $ 12000.


Important Notion of Crypto World, Defi

  • 04 Kasım 2020 Çarşamba
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DeFi is the acronym of Decentralized Finance. It is a technology that allows crypto entrepreneurs to rebuild traditional financial instruments in a decentralized structure that is not under the control of any company or government.


Citizens of Switzerland's Zug Canton Now Pay Taxes with Bitcoin

  • 04 Kasım 2020 Çarşamba
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With the emergence of Bitcoin in 2009, it has begun to rapidly gain a place in our lives by adapting to many different sectors. This situation paved the way for bitcoin to pass as a means of payment in many places. 


Cryptocurrency Usage for Developing Countries

  • 28 Ekim 2020 Çarşamba
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Cryptocurrency users around the world are increasing day by day. This brings to mind that cryptocurrencies can be an integral part of our daily life. It is observed that the growth in the use of cryptocurrencies is seen especially in developing countries. People are looking for alternatives for payment and investment.