Cryptocurrencies Beyond Bitcoin

  • 05 Ekim 2020 Pazartesi
  • 824 READ

When the dates showed November 2008, the concept of cryptocurrency entered our lives with the article "Bitcoin: Electronic Cash System between Peers" published by the person or group with the code name Satoshi Nakamoto. With Bitcoin, people started to actively use cryptocurrencies, which are an alternative to fiat money, and they rapidly expanding their usage areas.

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What is Bitcoin Mixer?

  • 28 Eylül 2020 Pazartesi
  • 1383 READ

Bitcoin Mixer, also known as bitcoin mixing solutions, is a system that allows you to protect your wallet privacy by mixing your transfer transactions.It is not defined who is the owner of a Bitcoin wallet. These wallets have aliases of letters and numbers known as 'pseudonymus' that are not registered in any person's name. 

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How is Bitcoin's Price Determined?

  • 07 Eylül 2020 Pazartesi
  • 681 READ

One of the most asked questions in Bitcoin is how the price of a cryptocurrency, which is not controlled by any center, is determined. The most important difference between bitcoin and fiat currencies is that they are not valued or legally declared by a center.

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Why Is Bitcoin Valuable?

  • 03 Eylül 2020 Perşembe
  • 694 READ

The value of Bitcoin has skyrocketed since its debut in 2008. This digital currency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity is still unknown, inspired the next digital currencies, altcoins, with the blockchain technology behind it. It comes from the fact that it is a very useful currency as well as blockchain technology on which it is based on the main source of bitcoin value

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Why Bitcoin Should be Considered as a Good Financial Instrument?

  • 11 Ağustos 2020 Salı
  • 525 READ

Ethereum is a decentralized system that cannot be controlled by individuals or institutions. In other words, it is an open-source software platform that enables users to create and develop decentralized and provide an open blockchain-based smart contract protocol to all persons.

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