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The Icrypex Cryptocurrency Exchange was founded by finance professionals who have devoted their entire career to financial products such as futures, money and foreign exchange markets, fixed income products and digital currencies.

Unlike many other world stock exchanges, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other crypto coins create a wallet in its own node.

This means that the transactions you make through Icrypex are instantaneously executed in the blockchain; allowing you to buy real Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple. With the private key, you can carry your cryptocurrency wherever you want without the need of Icrypex. You can also make your transactions by using the 2FA or SMS authentication, which offers the users a multi-layer security level.

With transparent, accurate, fast technology and low commission principles, Icrypex gives you a true blockchain experience.



Our aim is to create the first corporate structure in global cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey; by adding value to the industry, becoming a trend-setter and making sure that our customer satisfaction is extraordinary with global standards compliance.


  • To provide a fast, secure and an exquisite service in the digital money markets.
  • To provide results-oriented research support, to formulate strategies based on this research.
  • Being innovative in product development.
  • Following technological developments and applying them accordingly.
  • To maximize customer satisfaction.
  • To meet the standards of the Turkish Standards Institute and to carry it further in the field of information security and customer satisfaction.