“ICRYPEX is the only crypto exchange in Turkey established with only the Turkish capital, and coded by only Turkish software developers. With these unique features and projects, both domestically and internationally levels, ICRYPEX makes a difference in the crypto ecosystem.”

We are the only cryptocurrency platform in Turkey with an organizational structure. We started our journey to give our customers a faster and safer transaction opportunity and provide them with a perfect investment experience. In line with this mission, we brought innovation to the sector.

We are a cryptocurrency exchange that enables you to trade various cryptocurrencies. Having been established in 2018 by Gökalp İçer, ICRYPEX is a cryptocurrency platform that has an organizational structure, its own nodes, trading, and matching engines. It manages its order book. “ICRYPEX” is an acronym standing for International Crypto Exchange.

We are a cryptocurrency exchange that keeps all assets of our customers in Turkey, not abroad. On our platform, you shall find Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar Lumens, Basic Attention Token, ChainLink, BiLira, AVAX, Polkadot, Tether, Algorand, Fantom, Holochain, Maker, Aave, and MenaPay. We keep expanding our portfolio's reach to bring our customers together with new assets.

  • Transparent
  • Reliable
  • Professional
  • Innovative
  • Customer-Oriented

We are standing out as the first cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey, which provided its customers with 24/7 accessibility by assigning customer representatives to each of our customers. On our platform, you will enjoy discounted trading at the speed of light, thanks to our professional team and very-experienced founders. Moreover, by reading our daily and monthly newsletters and analyses, our customers can perform their trading activities consciously. With this network organization that is prioritizing communication, we aim for the cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey to gain institutional ground.

As a cryptocurrency exchange established in Turkey with only Turkish capital, we aim to give our customers a transparent, accurate, and fast infrastructure from the very beginning. We continue and will always continue to share a real blockchain experience with the world, supported by the low commission principle, 24/7 help, and cryptocurrency investment manager support.

As a cryptocurrency exchange in Turkey that prioritizes efficient and continuous communication and serves its customers 24/7, we have a transparent structure that checks itself, and an institutional infrastructure. Our objective is to close the gap in the Turkish cryptocurrency ecosystem by creating a reliable and efficient platform, and to increase the engagement between the Turkish market and blockchain technologies. We are standing out with our R&D studies on various topics.




We are the first cryptocurrency platform in Turkey with an organizational structure. We aim to provide our customers with the privilege of executing their transactions in a fast & reliable way, and with a perfect investment experience.

We are the pioneer in many R&D studies that may, in the future, contribute significantly to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. As a solution-oriented company, we give so much importance to technology inclusion and usage to maintain our services' stability and scalability.

In a concise amount of time, we became an exchange that sets the trends for the cryptocurrency sector. Fighting for and achieving the best is a core virtue for us. We believe that by developing deep and sincere bonds with our customers, we will be able to help them reach their dreams. In this context, the trust and love of our customers in us is and always will be our most excellent motivation source.


We aim to navigate our local cryptocurrency ecosystem to a better place, contribute to sector development, and help it become widespread. Thus, we were hoping you could set your own journey in the digital financing world, whether you are a junior or a senior investor.

Our relationship with our customers is built upon trust. So, we are investing in improving security and privacy awareness on our exchange. Our ultimate goal is to surpass the average standards in security by improving ourselves perpetually.

Thanks to our innovative stance, we would like to take the service quality and compliance with international standards to a higher level. We will always be excited to help you in your journey, no matter how experienced you are with our efficient platform and proactive approach.


Our core values written in our DNA are; being customer-oriented, honest and respectful, innovation, reliability, and teamwork. We embark on a faster and safer service approach in the cryptocurrency market by, at the same time, meeting our customers' needs.

We are well aware that each of us directly affects customer relations by nature of what we do, so we are always acting with honesty and abiding by the highest professional standards.

Our different points of view and our collaborative culture let us improve the thing we do continuously, and this way, we take the customer satisfaction rate to the ultimate level. We offer you a real blockchain experience since we embrace transparent, accurate, fast, and low-commission principles.

We always love and support sports!

We support the Turkish sports and our sportspeople via our sponsorships agreements with 1907 Fenerbahçe Wheelchair Basketball Team, Cem Bölükbaşı, Erden Eruç, Emir Tanju and Turkish Automobile Sports Federation! In this very rewarding and helpful journey of ours, we will continue to enrich and strengthen the Turkish sports thanks to the new steps we take in reaching brand new sponsorship agreements.