As ICRYPEX, we undertake the following to ensure information security in our company:

  1. Working in accordance with legal legislation and requirements,
  2. Ensuring the confidentiality, security and accessibility of all our corporate information that we carry out our activities,
  3. Providing the necessary resources to make our business continuity sustainable,
  4. Persisting technological investments to ensure and improve information security with the principle of segregation of duties,
  5. Carrying out studies to provide information security awareness with all our stakeholders
  6. Establishing resources and infrastructure related to information security violations, to inform the public in case of possible violations and to take necessary actions
  7. Improving the Information Security Management System

Chairman of the Board

We always love and support sports!

We support the Turkish sports and our sportspeople via our sponsorships agreements with 1907 Fenerbahçe Wheelchair Basketball Team, Cem Bölükbaşı, Erden Eruç, Emir Tanju and Turkish Automobile Sports Federation! In this very rewarding and helpful journey of ours, we will continue to enrich and strengthen the Turkish sports thanks to the new steps we take in reaching brand new sponsorship agreements.