As ICRYPEX, we will always continue to be beneficial and sustainable practices with our sponsorships.

We are the Main Sponsor of TOSFED to Train the Sportsmen of The Future!

We are proud to be the main sponsor of our country in Turkish Automobile Sports Federation (TOSFED) 2022 races. We believe in that we have taken a historical step to train the sportsmen of the future. We are glad to support Turkish sports and especially automobile sports.

As ICRYPEX, we will stand by our young sportsmen in future competitions. The success they will achieve is going to be source of happiness and joy both for our country and us.

As ICRYPEX, we will always continue to back up the young sportsmen by encouraging them in order to provide the necessary support and motivation for our country to achieve historical successes in the future.

We have faith in that our young sportsmen will bring many successes to us in the future and make us even more proud in motor sports.

We are with our young Sportsman Emir Tanju!

We are pleased and honoured to be the sponsor of Emir Tanju, who will raise our hopes for the future in auto sports. We stand by the young people to support them in every field and to make them feel strong.

As ICRYPEX, we will always proceed to take the necessary steps and actions by increasing our support in auto sports and the opportunities we offer in order to enable our young sportsmen achieve historical success.

From E-Sports to the Formula 1 Road: We Support Cem Bölükbaşı's Inspiring Story!

Cem Bölükbaşı is the first Turkish pilot to compete in Formula 2 in the history of Turkish motor sports.

ICRYPEX, the main sponsor of Cem Bölükbaşı's Formula 2 career, stood by Cem Bölükbaşı both during the official testing process and during his involvement in Formula 2.

He started E-sports and Sim Racing and continued his racing passion in this way. Competing in the Formula 1 E-Sports World Championship in 2017, Cem Bölükbaşı came in fifth place and became the first driver to be selected for the Simracing team of Formula 1 Champion Fernando Alonso.

Completing the first Formula Race of his career with the M2 Competition team in October 2019, Bölükbaşı became the first sim pilot in the world who managed to get on the real track.

As ICRYPEX, we support young talents who will represent Turkey in motor sports, and aim to be with them as they walk the path they believe in.

1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars, Stronger with ICRYPEX!

As ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange, we continue to support Turkish sports! We proudly announce our sponsorship with the 1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars. 1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars are stronger with ICRYPEX!

We will always be with the 1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars, one of the leading sports clubs of our country, with many national and international successes. The common traits that bind both teams together are strength and determination. We sincerely believe that we will achieve many successes together based on these common points.

1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars, overcoming the obstacles one by one, returned to their home as a leader from many national and international adventures in the past and today. Fenerbahce Disabled Stars will continue to shed light on the younger generations with their success with the sponsorship of ICRYPEX.

We Created ICRYPEX Memorial Forest with TR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Forests are the lungs of our world. It is especially important for the environment and human health. Having a corporate culture that is aware of this situation, we created the ICRYPEX Memorial Forest with the TR Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Our biggest goal in our memorial forest activity was to leave a greener Turkey to future generations.

We gave ICRYPEX Memorial Forest its lifeline in Şile, Göçbeyli lands. We have greened our future by planting 10 thousand saplings on the land in Göçbeyli, Şile. As the ICRYPEX family, we contributed to the forests of our future by raising awareness for the green fields in our country with our memory forest.

Now is the time to protect our forests. We must always work together to ensure the survival of these magical places and their development for the next generation. As ICRYPEX, we act on this path by thinking of the future generations the most. We are embarking on new projects to leave them a happier, healthier and more peaceful Turkey. We will continue to work uninterruptedly so that our ICRYPEX Memorial Forest activities, which we have created with a sense of responsibility, can be continued in the future. Acting with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey, which supports us in our efforts on this path we set out to leave a greener country for our future, we have brought a green field to Şile.

ICRYPEX 2 in 1 Rally

ICRYPEX 2-in-1 Rally and the Classics, As They Get Older, came together in Bodrum. The excitement of the ICRYPEX Spring & Western Anatolia Rally, which we are the main sponsor of this year, took place on 18-20 June in Bodrum. There were quite enjoyable moments in the rally, where classic car lovers came together.

Contrary to popular belief, classic car rally is more about fun than speed. As the ICRYPEX family, we were happy to support the classic car rally that takes place every year and to be a part of this year excitement. At the ICRYPEX Spring & Western Anatolia Rally, of which we are the main sponsor, the excitement and pleasure of the rally continued with the special events and awards we planned for our guests.

We are with Erden Eruç, the World Record Holder with Muscle Strength!

World Record Holder with Muscle Power, Erden Eruç, crosses the oceans with ICRYPEX. Erdun Eruç, who has the title of "the first Turk to cross the ocean by rowing, is preparing to cross the oceans with the sponsorship of ICRYPEX.

Erden Eruc; He is known as a Turkish mountaineer, sailor and traveler. He completed the Around the World with Muscle Power project, which he started in the summer of 2007, in the summer of 2012, after 5 years and 11 days. He is the first and only person in history to have achieved the revolution with his own power. He holds the world record with the fastest muscle power. He was the first person in history to have rowed three separate oceans.

Erden Eruç, the man of firsts in nature sports, will deal with harsh natural conditions by combining his strength with ICRYPEX. We aim to support Turkish sports in different lanes and to light the way for future generations by ensuring its progress. Our biggest desire in this project is to encourage young people in different branches by supporting record-breaking and award-winning opinion leaders like Erden Eruç.

Bahçeşehir University Financial Technologies Graduate Program Sponsorship

The technology brought by our age affects every aspect of our lives. It is necessary to master these technologies. Based on this, we sponsored the Bahçeşehir University Financial Technologies Graduate Program in order to contribute to financial literacy. The master program, which was realized with our contributions, mainly focused on financial technologies.

As the ICRYPEX family, we are and will continue to support many activities that will bring our society to the forefront. To this end, we will continue to stand by every activity that supports financial literacy. We are leading many studies that will contribute to the crypto ecosystem by creating a strong and active platform. With our solution-oriented side, we contribute to the cryptocurrency ecosystem while using the best technology to ensure the stability and scalability of our service.

Dr. With our postgraduate education under the leadership of Bora Erdamar, you will learn about many details about the journey from financial technology to the world of crypto . Thanks to this training, you will be able to act in a more dominant manner in the crypto markets, direct your investments and interpret the crypto markets both locally and globally.

We Support Financial Literacy!

In recent years, financial products and services have become increasingly common throughout society. As the ICRYPEX family, we continued to support the works published in this field in order to raise awareness of financial literacy in the society.

While the crypto markets are on the agenda, Dr. We sponsored the latest edition of the book Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin: Satoshi is Changing the World by Vedat Güven and Erkin Şahinöz. We have given our book to thousands of investors as well as crypto market enthusiasts.

In order to continue to contribute to the Turkish finance and crypto ecosystem, Dr. We have undertaken the sponsorship of the last edition of the book "Economic Indicators from the World written by Hakan Özerol. You will look at the world of economy from a very different perspective with the book, whose theoretical information is available on the Internet and which promises an active learning by being presented with practical data. With this move we have made in order to raise awareness and awareness of societies in the field of digital finance, we continue to shed light on the world of crypto by presenting the book in question to our investors.

We Continue to be Hope for the Friends Association and SMA Patients

We are happy to be in cooperation with the Ahbap Platform, which was established under the leadership of Haluk Levent, who works for the needs of individuals who face many difficulties. We supported our individuals in need by donating to the Ahbap Platform.

One of the most important principles of our corporate culture is social sensitivity. As the ICRYPEX family, we are proud that every step we take in the name of social responsibility is beneficial and touches more than one life based on this principle. Individuals who need help in our society As the ICRYPEX family, it is one of our most fundamental duties to help them cope with difficulties and to contribute to the emergence of a more productive society by supporting their upbringing.

We always love and support sports!

We support the Turkish sports and our sportspeople via our sponsorships agreements with 1907 Fenerbahçe Wheelchair Basketball Team, Erden Eruç, Emir Tanju and Turkish Automobile Sports Federation! In this very rewarding and helpful journey of ours, we will continue to enrich and strengthen the Turkish sports thanks to the new steps we take in reaching brand new sponsorship agreements.