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Cryptocurrency Mining

A mining pool is a group of miners who combine their computing power and split the mined bitcoin between participants. In order to become a cryptocurrency miner, you need the technical equipments such as (ASIC, graphics card, processor and a hard disk). If you have the necessary equipments and run the necessary programs, you can become one of the miners in the blockchain industry.

The types of processors you can use for mining;

2.Degree Of Difficulty

The degree of difficulty is the total mining of the system, i.e. the total mining power of all miners in the blockchain world.The mining power increases and decreases according to the volume of the miners.

Apart from the degree of difficulty, you must also consider the equipments which are available to mine.


Hash is a unique, smaller, one-way process of generating new data. The same result is obtained whenever the same data is logged to the same hash algorithm.


Hashing is the process of taking an input of any length and converting it into an encrypted output with a series of mathematical algorithms. For example, bitcoin uses an algorithm called SHA-256.

CPU Mining

It is the name given to the mining created with the central processing unit, that is, as we know from our computers. The mathematical equations used for transfers in this type of mining are also solved by the CPU. Initially; it was possible to mine with the CPU, but recently with the increased mining in the blockchain industry, CPU mining has become much more difficult.

GPU Mining

It is a type of mining performed with a graphic card. As the CPU difficulty increases, the bitcoin miners start GPU mining because their graphic cards were more efficient than CPU's. The reason for this efficiency is that the miners of the graphic cards are more efficient during the calculations. Currently, many cryptocurrency mining is known to be also done with the GPU mining.


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