How Can I Issue a Market Order?

After transferring your cryptocurrency, TRY or USD to the account registered in your name, you can perform transactions on the cryptocurrency you wish that is within ICRYPEX from the "Easy Buy-Sell" or "Pro View" menus.

For your transactions from the "Easy Buy-Sell" section, you must first make your choice in USD or TRY in the top left corner. And then, you can buy or sell directly by typing your transaction amount on the 8 buy-sell transaction boxes that are ready for the transaction. On the "Easy Buy-Sell" screen, prices are determined automatically from the market price and you can easily enter the amount you want to buy.

To buy or sell on the Pro View;

First of all, select the type of cryptocurrency you want to trade in the upper left corner, just below the logo.

1. Select the type of cryptocurrency you want to trade from the section at the top left corner, just below the logo.

2. Make your selection from the “Market” section and enter the amount to trade and the amount of cryptocurrency you want to trade.

4. The amount you will buy or sell will also be presented to you on the "Buy" or "Sell" button.

After completing your transaction, your cryptocurrency buying or selling transaction will be completed. Depending on your transaction type, the transaction amount is added to or deducted from your TRY or USD balance.

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