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What are Icrypex Fees? What is Maker-Taker?

Investors placing orders on exchanges are divided into two groups as Makers and Takers;

Maker Transactions; Investors who place orders to buy or sell at a predetermined price are called makers. Since the orders given by the makers are not at the instant (Spot) price, the market investors giving orders in this way deepen the trading pools in the cryptocurrency exchanges by feeding.

Taker Transactions; Investors who buy or sell at the current market price regardless of a predetermined price are called takers.

We deem it helpful to give the following warning to our cryptocurrency members who want to evaluate their investments as takers; ''In the case where you place a taker order, your orders will be processed within 50-70 ms. For this reason, there may be a delay in your orders, you can trade at a different price.''

You can reach the current commission rates from this link on our exchange.


We support Turkish sports with our sponsorships of Beşiktaş Icrypex Basketball Team, 1907 Fenerbahçe Disabled Stars, Altay Sports Club and Göztepe Sports Club. ICRYPEX will continue to stand by Turkish sports.

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