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What is a Limit Order? How Can I Issue A Limit Order?

Limit order is a method that can be used when a transaction other than market price is desired. It is a way you can easily choose when you want to buy under the market price or sell over the market price. You can save your transactions with this method by issuing the limit order price you set according to the condition you want. When you issue a limit order, your transaction is saved in the "My Open Orders" section. When the market price reaches the price you set, it matches the order issued by the buyer or seller. In this way, your purchase or sale takes place when the pricing you entered previously is in order. 
To issue a limit order;

1. Go to the "Pro View" section,
2. Select the cryptocurrency that you want to buy or sell and its equivalent from the buttons under our logo.
3. Select the “Limit” button in the box located under the graphic.
4. Type the limit price and the amount of coins you set in the area you want to buy or sell.
5. After making your last checks, end your transaction by clicking on the "Buy" or "Sale" button.

Thus, you save your limit order to be offered when the market price reaches the level you set.


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