What is DApp?

Applications abbreviated as DApp are decentralized applications. Before we reveal the relationship of this issue with cryptocurrencies, let's briefly talk about what central applications are.

Centralized applications include the most frequently used social media apps. We can give examples of centralized applications to social media applications. It is a fact known by everyone that applications such as Instagram, Twitter or Facebook are executed depending on a center. Therefore, applications have some negative aspects. Generally, less security and transparency will be at the top of these problems.

This emerged quite easily because the concept of cryptocurrency, which denies being connected to any center with decentralized applications, is located in a very parallel line.

What Is Its Logic?

DApp is basically used to describe internet applications that are scattered. P2P, that is, applications that run from peer to peer are all called dAapp.

This means:

  • Not having to be connected to a single center,
  • Using different servers instead of a single server,
  • Providing more data flow in important cryptocurrency projects,
  • Enabling the execution of data flow,
  • It is the backup and storage of all data on networks.

How Can an Application Be Decentralized?

For an application to be decentralized, it must meet certain conditions. It is essential that it is not affiliated with any institution or person. It must also be open source and not connected to a single network. Rewarding, i.e. token placement is also required.

For those who wonder which applications are decentralized, it is possible to say examples such as Cardano, EOSIO, DFINITY, Zilliqa. All of these are carried out without being connected to a center. The most curious point about these applications is how to get there. The most curious issue about these applications is which point to reach in the future. Considering the users love and the participation is high, it is expected to develop fast.

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