What is Hodl?

While the cryptocurrency market continues to grow day by day, it causes some concepts and situations like every growing market. The first of these is the concept called “hodl”. The story of this concept, which is known in the Bitcoin market and used in a very valuable sense, is actually quite different. Since it is a concept used since 2013, it continues to increase its awareness.

What Does it Mean?

It came from a word written as “hold” in English and used as an equivalent for “holding”. For this reason, it is basically considered as making sure that the investment you have in bitcoin transactions will be valued. Investors who says they will do Hodl, they may have wanted to explain the following;

1. Whatever happens in the market, they will not sell
2. They think that the investment they hold will be valued,
3. They wanted to take risks.

Therefore, investors who uses this term, usually does not sell what they have.

What is Its Story?

In 2013, an entrepreneur shared an opinion about bitcoin and investments in a forum.
He said "I am Hodling" to explain that the bitcoins in his hand will be valued and therefore will not be sold for whatever reason. The term emerged after this mistake.

Although the mistake was made of writing the word hodl instead of the word hold, this concept was loved and included in the literature itself. After this point, every investor who wanted to explain that they would hold an investment in them hand chose to explain themself briefly using this expression. That's why it was very popular.

Profitable Investment Message

Someone who uses the word Hodl would like to explain that he is expecting a great deal of profit, even if it is not currently valid. For this reason, a bitcoin investor who says he/she is doing hodl will not think about selling what he/she had.

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