Zero Fee with
Contracted Banks

You can make
your deposit and withdraw
24/7 with our contracted banks!

Bank Account Deposit and Withdraw Costs
Method Deposit Withdraw
Free Free
Free Free
Free Free
Free Free
Free Free
Free Free
Other Banks Free Free

* The ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange does not charge any deposit and withdraw fees. However, if you send money from banks to our accounts, your bank may charge a FAST fee or a money entry and exit fee. This situation is related to the bank you are a customer of and the extra fee request is made by your bank.

Market Maker Orders
When the order is entered, the orders entered are higher than the best purchase for sales orders and lower than the best sales for purchase orders.
Market Taker Orders
When orders are entered, if it is a buy order, it is the best sale order of the order book, and if it is a sell order, they are the order types that are executed at the best buy prices of the order book.

In ICRYPEX, when you place a market taker order, your orders will be processed within 50-70 milliseconds. For this reason, we do not need to warn that 'There may be a slippage in your orders, you may enter a trade at a different price.'

Cryptocurrency Trading Commission Rates by Volume
Quantity Market Maker Order
Market Taker Order
0 - 1 Million 0.0025 0.0035
1 - 5 Millions 0.0010 0.0015
5 - 10 Millions 0.0005 0.0010
10 - 50 Millions 0.0004 0.0009
50 - 100 Millions 0.0003 0.0008
100 - 200 Millions 0.0002 0.0007
200 - 500 Millions 0.0001 0.0004
500 Millions - 1 Billion 0.0001 0.0003
+1 Billions 0.0001 0.0002

Withdraw Charges
for Cryptocurrencies

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