• MARKET VALUE 1036442977.9835612
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 16000000
  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY 16000000
  • ALL-TIME HIGHEST $1483.67
  • ANNUAL RETURN undefined


What is Aave?

Aave is a decentralized finance (DeFi) project that makes it possible to borrow money in ERC-20-based cryptocurrencies. Aave, previously known as LEND, was launched by Stani Kulechov in 2017. Aave runs entirely on the Ethereum blockchain. Aave differentiates itself by its wide range of products compiled into cryptocurrencies from which users can get loans, and by allowing lenders to borrowers to derive passive income from the funds they use. In this system, the method known as overcollateralization is applied, in order to borrow from the system, you need to deposit a balance more than the amount you want to receive into the system. Another detail that makes Aave different is that aave is a governance token. Users who hold aave have a say in the development of the token on aave's own platform. 1 Aave corresponds to 1 voting right.

How to Buy AAVE?

To buy and sell AAVE on ICRYPEX Crypto Exchange:

  • First of all, you need to fill in name, surname, phone and email address areas by clicking "Sign Up".

  • After completing all required fields of the membership, you can deposit TRY from your bank account by clicking "Deposit" or you can start your investment by transferring your AAVE to your AAVE wallet you have created in "My Assets".

  • For the investments you will make through a bank you should write ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ to the recipient / title area. The transfers made with a different, wrong or missing recipient name will be rejected by the bank.

  • Transaction code on the deposit section should be noted to be written on the receipt. Your transfers are made on TRY deposit accounts belonging to your name.

  • After depositing TL to your wallet, you can buy AAVE easily either by going to the "Easy Buy and Sell" screen or by clicking "Easy Buy". To complete the buying process, you need to enter the AAVE amount you want to buy and choose the rate price and give a buy order. After completing your AAVE buying transactions you can evaluate your investments by following the market conditions.

ICRYPEX allows you a quick and secure AAVE trading with its 24/7 Customer Representatives appointed to every user and its daily and weekly analysis support.

How Aave Works?

Aave creates lending pools that allow users to lend and borrow 17 different cryptocurrencies including AAVE, ETH, BAT. Aave is considered as the best lending pool system. Depositors provide liquidity by depositing cryptocurrencies into lending pools, which allows them to earn interest. Meanwhile, borrowers can take out loans with over-secured or insufficiently secured lending pools. Credits do not have to be matched individually. Instead, deposits and borrowed amounts/collaterals in the pool are used to get loans instantly according to the pool's condition. To facilitate this activity, Aave issues two types of tokens: aToken, which is given to lenders to collect interest on deposits, and AAVE token, the local token of Aave.


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