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What is Altay Token? How to Buy Altay Token (ALTAY)?

Altay Token is an ERC20-based "utility token" developed in cooperation with ICRYPEX and Altay Sports Club, marking an important milestone in the fan token ecosystem. It is listed on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange for the first time and only as a solid step taken by the Great Altay into the future and the digital world!  Altay Token (ALTAY) offers Great Altay fans both a chance of investment and a chance to join the club directly.

With Altay Token, users will be introduced to a whole new dimension of interaction between fans and clubs by being involved in many decisions regarding their teams.

Altay Token (ALTAY) will be available for pre-sale on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange between September 13, 2021 and September 16, 2021.

How to Buy Altay Token? Altay Token (ALTAY) Pre-Sale!

Developed with ICRYPEX technology, Altay Token is the first step towards a brand new fan token understanding in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Altay Token (ALTAY), which was offered for sale at 0.80 TRY on September 13, 2021 with a limited pre-sale opportunity, can be purchased on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange.

By participating in the Altay Token pre-sale, you can store your Altay Tokens as you wish and withdraw them to your Ethereum-based ERC20 crypto wallets. After the 90-day pre-sale lock is automatically removed, you can sell your Altay Tokens on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange. With the start of the public offering, you can add new ones to the Altay Tokens you have.

Altay Token is offered for pre-sale with an advantageous price of 0.80 TRY. After the pre-sale with the cooperation of ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange and Altay Sports Club, Altay Token (ALTAY) is offered at the public offering price of 1.00 TRY. The pre-sale will be made with a limited amount of ALTAY.

Visit the Altay Token Pre-Sale page and take advantage of the advantageous pre-sale price of 0.80 TRY as of September 13, 2021!

In order to purchase Altay Tokens, you must have a membership to the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange.

  • You need to use the “New Membership” button on the site to purchase Altay Tokens from the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange. Create your ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange account by filling out the “New Membership” form.

  • After creating your ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange account, you need to load TL into your account. After the membership process, click on the "Deposit" section in the ICRYPEX user panel, select your bank account. You can load TL into your account with EFT/TRANSFER and FAST options. If you wish, you can start your transactions by adding crypto money to your account from the "My Assets" section.

  • If you wish, you can start your Altay Token transactions quickly and safely by selecting the Altay Token (ALTAY) parity by using the “Easy Buy-Sell” section. You can start your Altay Token transactions in an advanced way by using the ICRYPEX Pro Screen view. After the public offering of Altay Token, you can make your purchases during the pricing starting with the public offering price of 1.00 TRY.

  • That's all you have to do! With ICRYPEX, you can start your Altay Token (ALTAY) transactions safely and with a transaction time of less than 10 milliseconds.

After you become a member of the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange, you are called and informed by specially appointed Customer Representatives, you can safely continue your Altay Token (ALTAY) transactions, and you can find answers to all your questions.

How is Altay Token (ALTAY) Price Determined? What Does Altay Token Do?

Altay Token (ALTAY) is a developed "Utility Token" project realized in cooperation with ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange and Altay Sports Club. The price of the Altay Token is determined by the purchase and sale of this token within the standard exchange operation of the people who perform ALTAY transactions on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange. When a user wants to sell the ALTAY Token, which he has on ICRYPEX and bought with advantageous prices from the pre-sale, to another user, this price becomes the last price of the Altay Token on the exchange. Altay Token rises both with the successes of Altay Sports Club in the green fields and with the regular token burnings.

When you buy Altay Token, you take your place and have a say in many decisions regarding Altay Sports Club. You can participate in award-winning competitions, and by supporting Altay Sports Club in all its achievements, you will become a new generation supporter of your team.

Fan tokens, a new dimension of fan engagement, will continue to be listed on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange.

We always love and support sports!

We support the Turkish sports and our sportspeople via our sponsorships agreements with 1907 Fenerbahçe Wheelchair Basketball Team, Cem Bölükbaşı, Erden Eruç, Emir Tanju and Turkish Automobile Sports Federation! In this very rewarding and helpful journey of ours, we will continue to enrich and strengthen the Turkish sports thanks to the new steps we take in reaching brand new sponsorship agreements.