• MARKET VALUE 1982919262.9728694
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 1000000000
  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY 1000000000
  • ANNUAL RETURN undefined


What is Axie Infinity?

In terms of flow and layout, it is a trading and war video game inspired by popular games like Pokémon, Tamagotchi. Sky Mavis was founded in Vietnam by Trung Nguyen ve Aleksandar Larsen launched Axie Infinity in 2018. Axie Infinity, built onto the Ethereum blockchain, has a native cryptocurrency named AXS, which players can use in-game.

How to Buy Axie Infinity?

You can start trading Axie Infinity Token on ICRYPEX:

  • First of all, you need to sign up by filling out the name-surname, telephone and e-mail address sections from the "New Membership" button.
  • After completing your membership process, you can wire money from your bank account by clicking on the "Deposit" section. You can also transfer your cryptocurrencies by sending the address on the "Assets" section.
  • Wiring from the bank acccount, you need to copy the ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ in the receiver / title section.
  • After funding your wallet, you can get buy Axie Infinity tokens with Easy Buy-Sell and Pro-View modes.

It is quicker and safer than ever to trade AXS tokens on ICRYPEX!

What is AXS Token?

The AXS token allows players to collect, breed, trade and battle creatures called Axies. AXS Token reached the top level of $166. The total supply is limited to 270,000,000 and the circulating supply is 60,907,500 units. Today, its market cap exceeds 4 billion USD dollars.


The game protagonists are digital animals called “Axie”. Each Axie has unique and ERC-721 based NFTs. Axie has 6 body components and a body form and they can be customized. There are more than 500 different body parts in the game, and some of them to use are monster, insect, plant, and reptile parts. Axie's fighting power can also vary according to body parts other than eyes and ears. While each Axie can breed 7 times, new baby Axies with different abilities are also created thanks to those creation powers.


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