• MARKET VALUE 1982919262.9728694
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 1000000000
  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY 1000000000
  • ANNUAL RETURN undefined


What is Enjin Coin (ENJ)?

Enjin Coin or ENJ is an ERC20 token that’s traded on the Ethereum blockchain and supported by the Aave protocol. It is a digital currency used for NFTs and other distributed applications on online gaming platforms. The Singapore-based Enjin Company, founded in 2009, hosts a variety of blockchain products, including marketplace, wallet, and developer platforms built around Enjin Coin.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Features

ENJ is designed to integrate with games. Enjin's open-source platform allows virtual ownership of goods and trading between gamers and community members through smart wallets. The native currency ENJ is used to directly back the value of blockchain assets created on the Enjin online gaming creation platform.

On a gaming platform, players can purchase an item in Enjin, which can be used in multiple games and can be easily transferred or sold through an online marketplace. You can earn rewards in Enjin or your can stake your earnings in ENJ. Also, ENJ can be used to transfer virtual assets across gaming platforms. 
Players must have an Ethereum (ETH)-based Enjin Coin (ENJ) wallet to benefit from all those transactions. 
Enjin cooperates with game companies to make game platforms easier and implement their own solutions.

Enjin Coin (ENJ) Advantages

Enjin Coin is an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token and implements ERC-1155 smart contracts. Enjin's player focus gathered 18 million players in a short time, distinguishing it from the other gaming platforms.
Cooperation with platforms such as Samsung, PC Gamer, Unity, Lost Relics and Spirit Clash has managed to attract the attention of gamers in a short time.

Is it possible to mine Enjin Coins?

Since Enjin Coin does not operate on its own blockchain, there is no method to mine Enjin coins directly. It has built on Ethereum. You can buy and sell ENJ on a crypto exchange platform or play to earn ENJ in the gaming platforms which support Enjin. No mining equipment is needed.

ENJ Coin Price Calculator

ICRYPEX Price Calculator enables users to convert prices in ENJ/USDT into ENJ/TRY trading pairs to prevent any slippages. The tool calculates for the present Enjin Coin price in TRY and USDT.


How to Buy Enjin Coin?

Enjin Coin is not available on all cryptocurrency exchanges. Limited exchanges are serving and listing ENJ in Turkey, but buying is easier than ever on ICRYPEX. Thanks to 24/7 Customer Representative support, daily cryptocurrency analysis, and many other advanced security features at ICRYPEX without the need for official paperwork or technical expertise, you can buy/sell and hold Enjin Coin (ENJ) with only three steps.

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