• MARKET VALUE $1000000
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 10000000
  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY 10000000
  • ANNUAL RETURN undefined


What is Gamer Arena Utility Token?

Taking the competition on gaming platforms to the next level, Gamer Arena GAU Token uses the ERC-20 protocol on the Ethereum blockchain. One of the remarkable elements of Gamer Arena is that it is an already used "Utility", a functional token that really has a function. Gamer Arena Utility Token (GAU Token) is a Token that will be actively used by hundreds of thousands of users in the Gamer Arena digital gaming, e-sports and competition platform. Gamer Arena is a competitive gaming platform that provides players with the opportunity to earn money and prove themselves by pitting rivals with similar abilities against each other in an online arena in new generation competitive digital games. The platform has been active since March 2020 and allows one-on-one duels and tournaments with single and multiple participation in 20+ games played on mobile, computers, consoles and tablets. GAU Token is programmed to produce 500,000,000 units, all of the pre-sale and a certain amount of tokens planned to be in circulation in the first year will be offered in an automated and programmed form using the smart contract feature in the Ethereum network, leaving no doubt or mistake.

Technical Features of GAU Token

Gamer Arena Utility Token holders can take part in many important events, participate in various social responsibility projects and special events with the token they own. All in-platform transactions will be possible with GAU Token. It will be possible to directly reflect the acceleration created by the demand in these transactions to the token price. Thus, it is planned that users will also benefit from the spread of the platform. While they are involved in each of the activities to be planned by Gamer Arena and ICRYPEX, they can maintain their GAU Token ownership as a result of the possible value increase of their tokens with the development of Gamer Arena's career path.

How to Buy GAU Token?

  • To perform your Gamer Arena GAU Token purchase and sale transactions on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange:
  • First of all, you need to become a member of our site by filling in the name-surname, telephone and e-mail address sections from the "New Membership" button.
  • After completing your membership transactions, you can first load TL balance from your bank account by clicking on the "Deposit" section. If you want, you can also start your investments by sending your Gamer Arena GAU Tokens to the Gamer Arena GAU Token wallet you created in the "My Assets" section.
  • For investments you will make through the bank, you must write ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ in the receiver / title section. Transfers sent with different, incorrect or incomplete recipient names are rejected by the bank.
  • The transaction description code in the deposit section should be noted to be written on the receipt. Your transfer is made through current TL accounts registered in your name.
  • You can get Gamer Arena GAU Tokens by entering the "Easy Buy-Sell" page and clicking the "Easy Buy" button after loading TL balance in your wallet, entering the amount of Gamer Arena GAU Token you want to buy and selecting the exchange price, by placing a purchase order. After purchasing Gamer Arena GAU Token, you can evaluate your investments by following the market conditions.

    In ICRYPEX; You can quickly trade Gamer Arena GAU Tokens and carry out your transactions with confidence, thanks to the Customer Representative assigned to you 24/7 and with daily and weekly analysis support.

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