• MARKET VALUE $96,461,617
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 538000000
  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY 538000000
  • ANNUAL RETURN undefined


What is Pangolin (PNG)?

Pangolin is a decentralized exchange running on the Avalanche network. Users can use PNG, Pangolin's govern token, to perform transactions on Pangolin and be included in the DeFi ecosystem. Pangolin is the first and most important decentralized exchange within the Avalanche network. Users can send their crypto assets to Pangolin using the Avalanche C-Chain. Submitted crypto assets are mapped to the Pangolin platform via a crypto wallet. After that, purchases can be made on Pangolin by using the "SWAP", that is, "Exchange" feature on the platform.

For purchases made using Pangolin, the system automatically connects the user with the requested Tokens in the liquidity pool. Since this is a completely automated and decentralized system without an administrator, Pangolin also stands out with its democratic structure.

Pangolin is managed by its users using PNG Token. PNG has an important role in the realization of the administrative decisions taken on Pangolin, and in the final authority of the users in these decisions. A user can have a say in the decisions that can determine the fate of the Pangolin platform with the PNGs they own.

Pangolin uses the Avalanche network. Supporting Avalanche C-Chain and Avalanche C-Chain USDT, ICRYPEX has broken a new ground in Turkey with the support it offers to Pangolin users. It has also become the only exchange with C-Chain support.

Pangolin (PNG) draws attention not only with its democratic structure, but also with different features such as PNG Stake and Liquidity Mining, which it offers to its users. ICRYPEX users can add their PNGs to their C-Chain compatible cryptocurrency wallets by using the C-Chain as they wish, and they can use these PNG Coins as they wish.


How to Buy Pangolin (PNG)?

You can buy PNG on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange, store it securely, and trade using the high-depth PNG/TRY and PNG/USDT pairs whenever you want.

To perform your PNG trading on the ICRYPEX Crypto Exchange:

  • Use the New Membership button, complete the membership steps. If you wish, you can also complete the membership steps from the ICRYPEX iOS and Android applications.
  • Perform your account verification. In this way, you will be able to continue PNG operations with maximum security.
  • After completing your membership, you can make your TRY deposits using the "Deposit" section, with the bank account you want, and by using Wire Transfer, EFT and FAST methods.
  • You can also make all deposits and withdrawals through ICRYPEX's mobile applications.
  • After you load your TRY balance into your wallet, you can perform PNG Token transactions in "Easy Buy-Sell" or "Pro View" mode. Enter your purchase order, follow the charts and indicators on ICRYPEX, carry your PNG Token investment with you with amazing mobile applications.

At ICRYPEX, you can trade PNG Tokens with 24/7 customer representative support, daily crypto currency analysis and many different advanced security features, and invest in one of the first and most important DeFi projects of the Avalanche network.


How to Use Pangolin?

Pangolin is a decentralized exchange. It is a very important DeFi platform that has been met by users. It stands out as the first and most important equivalent of the DeFi concept on Avalanche.

Pangolin and PNG Token have also been strongly adopted by Turkish investors. Turkish users will be able to carry out the transactions they wish on the Pangolin platform through the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange, which is the only Turkish crypto platform with C-Chain support.

Users can send their AVAX and PNGs to their ICRYPEX wallets, and they can buy these cryptocurrencies directly on ICRYPEX if they wish. After the purchase, they must make withdrawals using the Avalanche C-Chain, add Avalanche and PNG to their crypto wallets.After that, by connecting to the Pangolin platform with this wallet, you can quickly start to benefit from the many advantages offered by the platform.

Pangolin has many different functions. You can connect to each of them using PNG and ICRYPEX integration, and you can take your first step towards advanced decentralized finance transactions with fully Turkish platforms and Turkish user support.

By using Pangolin and PNG Token, you can provide the following decentralized finance actions conveniently, quickly and by taking advantage of Avalanche's low network fees.

  • DeFi Exchanges
  • Participation in the Liquidity Pool
  • PNG Staking
  • Yield Farming
  • If you wish, only "PNG" Investment.

Each of these items will require above a certain level of blockchain experience. ICRYPEX is always with you on the subject.

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