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What is Solana (SOL)?

Solana is the blockchain and SOL is the native token for Solana, the transportation route under consideration through the Solana blockchain.

A general criticism of the SOL token is that only about 38% of the supply is available to the community, making it a little more comprehensive than the coins in use.

A decentralized receiver (D App) licensor from Solana. Training to improve scalability by establishing a proof-of-stake (PoH consensus and proof-of-sense (PoS) development of the blockchain.

Solana provides something between a single spherical sun-burning, burning students. Solana is an open source project that does not implement a high blockchain.

How Solana (SOL) Works?

Solana uses a new approach that combines proof of history and proof of share consensus mechanisms.

In simple terms, the proof of past consensus mechanism allows a new block to be added to the blockchain network without any mutual agreement. This allows newer nodes to be added very quickly. Each node on the Solana blockchain has its own clock and makes decisions without consulting other nodes. This is a modified approach to the widely acclaimed proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism.

While Solana uses a past proof of consensus mechanism, Ethereum uses a proof-of-work mechanism. This allows the Solana blockchain to have a much higher throughput compared to the Ethereum blockchain and the network has a lower gas fee.

The Solana blockchain has one of the lowest transaction fees (incorrectly referred to as "gas" fees) of all blockchains. This allows Solana to have a much more vibrant developer community and more diverse apps. There are 2 main reasons why Solana charges lower gas fees for crypto transactions:

  • Lower block time
  • Higher block size

The lower block time (0.4 seconds) and higher block size (20000 transactions) enables the Solana blockchain to have much lower transaction fees of around $0.00025 compared to Ethereum, which has gas fees of about $10.

How to Buy Solana (SOL)?

To perform your Solana (SOL) buying and selling transactions on the ICRYPEX Cryptocurrency Exchange:

  • First of all, you need to become a member of our site by filling in the name-surname, telephone and e-mail address sections from the "New Membership" button.
  • After completing your membership transactions, you can upload TL balance to our exchange address via your bank account by clicking on the "Deposit" section.
  • For investments you will make through the bank, you must write "ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ" in the receiver / title section. Transfers sent with different, incorrect or incomplete recipient names are rejected by the bank.
  • After loading TL balance in your wallet, you can buy Solana (SOL) by entering the "Easy Buy-Sell" page and selecting the "Easy Buy" button, entering the amount of Solana (SOL) you want to buy and selecting the exchange price.

In ICRYPEX; You can quickly trade Solana (SOL) and carry out your transactions with confidence, with the support of daily and weekly analysis support specially assigned to you 24/7.

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