• MARKET VALUE $1000000
  • TOTAL SUPPLY 10000000
  • MAXIMUM SUPPLY 10000000
  • ANNUAL RETURN undefined


What is Swipe?

The founder of Swipe is both an early Bitcoin investor and a veteran of start-ups: Joselito Lizarondo. The company values customer satisfaction above all else and says it focuses on it. Swipe acts as a bridge between fiat currencies and digital currencies thanks to the Visa debit card and multi-asset DeFi application, allowing investors to transact instantly.

How to Buy SXP?

You can start trading SXP on ICRYPEX:

  • Create your ICRYPEX membership by clicking the “New Membership” button on the ICRYPEX home page. If you wish, you can complete the signing-up process via ICRYPEX iOS, Android or HarmonyOS applications.
  • After the membership process, you can directly transfer Turkish Lira or cryptocurrency via the “Deposit” tab on ICRYPEX. You can fund your ICRYPEX account by initiating EFT, Wire Transfer or FAST from your bank account.
  • Wiring from the bank account, you need to copy the ICRYPEX Bilişim AŞ in the receiver/title section
  • After funding your wallet, you can get buy Axie Infinity tokens with Easy Buy-Sell and Pro-View modes.

You can quickly and safely trade SXP tokens.


What is Swipe Token (SXP), How Does It Work?

Swipe has three main products: Multi-asset mobile wallet, crypto-financed debit card and its own token, SXP. Swipe is decentralized and backed by its native token SXP. Swipe is a service token traded as part of the DeFi ecosystem, offering a variety of products to its users. Thanks to its services, it empowers the ecosystem and encourages token holders to use or store it. Users do not need to stake their own token SXP to enjoy Visa debit card services. Although there is no such requirement, token holders can raise their cards to a higher level. With these high-level cards, they can get discounts or enjoy various other benefits on their mobile apps such as Spotify, Netflix, Starbucks, Uber, Apple Music and Airbnb. What these benefits will depend on the current amount in the app you are staking. While the Swipe token (SXP) does not have a native blockchain, it can be used on both Ethereum (ERC-20) and Binance Chain (BEP-2).
The total supply of SXP, which has a maximum supply of 300 million units, will gradually decrease until there are 100 million units left.

We always love and support sports!

We support the Turkish sports and our sportspeople via our sponsorships agreements with 1907 Fenerbahçe Wheelchair Basketball Team, Erden Eruç, Emir Tanju and Turkish Automobile Sports Federation! In this very rewarding and helpful journey of ours, we will continue to enrich and strengthen the Turkish sports thanks to the new steps we take in reaching brand new sponsorship agreements.