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Thanks to the mathematical models provided by the model portfolio for your crypto investments, you shall now enjoy the benefit of building an investment portfolio with lower risk and a higher profit rate.

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Get Exclusively High Amount of
Return with Our Model Portfolio!

The track record of our model portfolio shows that the users had the chance
to maximize their return by up to 2100% since the very first day of this model portfolio.

As the main objective is to minimize the risk, and to maximize the return,
the users could actually hedge themselves against the volatility in the markets and increase their profits.


How Does
Model Portfolio Work?

A model portfolio refers to a basket of many assets
collected according to specific mathematical calculations.

The main objective of a model portfolio is,

to present a weighted portfolio example using Markowitz Portfolio Theory
to the investors who are having difficulties in building their portfolio and in spreading the risks.







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Why to choose ICRYPEX, then?

On ICRYPEX, you can manage your investments easily, execute your transactions, and transfer your money swiftly. We value and attach so much importance to your security that we keep your investments safe and secure with the 2FA safety measure..

Diversify Your
Crypto Portfolio!

Diversify your crypto asset portfolio by using our model portfolio that is created with different mathematical formulas,
and take a step into the markets with confidence. Sign up to get notified about the assets
which are updated weekly, and to access to the Model Portfolio now.

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