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You can invite as many friends as you wish. ICRYPEX Reference System lets you earn commission income with your friends. Once you meet the requirements, you will be rewarded together!


The more people with your reference link come and join to ICRYPEX, the more commission income you will earn!

You will be multiplying your commission income as much as you share your reference link with your friends.

So, create your own Reference Link now under the Reference tab in your account, and start inviting your friends!

Only thing they will have to do is to click the link you will send them, and sign up to ICRYPEX. Aftermath, they will automatically join the Reference System and will be in your network.

Do not forget to read the the Terms of Use for ICRYPEX Reference System!


On ICRYPEX, you will earn commission income up to the 3rd Layer thanks to the 3-Layer Reference System. Moreover, your friends will also earn commission income for each person they invite via their own reference links.

You will get 15%, 10%, and 5% commission income for each of your connections respectively in the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd layers.


Once your friend signs up to ICRYPEX via the reference link you share, they will be added to “Friends’ User Numbers” section. The moment they complete the KYC verification process and start trading, you will get your commission income.

You will be eligible to join exclusive ICRYPEX events and trainings by joining the ICRYPEX Reference System.

Additionally, each and every person, who joins ICRYPEX Reference System via a reference link, will be rewarded with 5% commission discount.

Layer 1 Layer 2 Layer 3 Total

You can review your friends’ activities such as their registrations and the last transaction dates whom you invited to ICRYPEX via your reference link in the panel below. Since the commission rebates are calculated and put into process every 24 hours; the commission rebates you’d see would represent a day before. You can increase your income with ICRYPEX Reference System, and you can use filters for your friends, the last transaction dates, and registration dates.

Id Your Friend's Name Your Friend's Last Transaction Date Your Friend's Date of Membership


ICRYPEX Reference System is consisting of 3 different layers, and rewards you when your connections expand their own network with their friends, too. You invite a friend, and they invite someone else. This makes a 2-layered Reference Network. Your rewards will directly go to your wallet, and you will earn 15% commission income for every cryptocurrency transaction your friends execute, and 10% for every other connection in your friends’ network, and finally 5% for every other person they would invite. We strongly recommend you to read the 1st, the 2nd, and the 3rd Level-Depth table given below.

First Level-Depth
Second Level-Depth
Third Level-Depth

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