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NPCI Leaves Decision to Ban Crypto to Local Banks

National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has stated that it does not intend to block the cryptocurrency trade and will leave the decision to the local banks to ban cryptocurrencies. Accordingly, each bank will be able to determine its own risk level.

Ethereum Outperforms J&J and Walmart

Ethereum has broken a new record by hitting a $4,000 band. Surpassing Johnson & Johnson and Walmart by market capitalization, Ethereum rose to 15th place just behind Visa and JPMorgan Chase & Co.

Judge Reaffirms the Order SEC Must Share the Related Documents with Ripple

Ripple had requested the court for the Securities and Exchange Commission to provide them with documents related to Bitcoin and Ethereum. Judge Netburn has now reaffirmed the order that the SEC must produce the said documents and hand them over.

Locked Assets in DeFi Protocols Continue to Increase

Interest in decentralized finance continues to grow. The market value of assets locked in DeFi protocols has risen to over $ 85 billion.

Bank of England Governor Warns Against Crypto Assets

Bank of England Governor Andrew Bailey has stated that digital assets have no intrinsic value and that people who invest in them should be very careful. Bailey has also added that "crypto asset" would be a better expression than “cryptocurrency”.

Arte Surfside Begins Accepting Cryptocurrencies as Payment

Arte Surfside, the most exclusive luxury building in Miami, has announced that it will accept various cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin and Ethereum as payment for its apartments.

Fantom Will Power E-Government Infrastructure of Tajikistan

Tajikistan continues its attempt to modernize its government with blockchain technology. Smart contract platform Fantom and the Ministry of Industry of New Technologies of the Republic of Tajikistan have signed an IT solutions agreement to power e-government infrastructure of Tajikistan.

Central Bank of Russia Tests Crypto Related Services

The Central Bank of Russia has examined three platforms offering crypto related services. Although details of the test results are not given in the 2020 annual report, if the results are positive, the Russian Central Bank is expected to present a roadmap for the integration of cryptocurrencies into the legal framework.

Chainlink CEO Nazarov Comments on DeFi Ecosystem

In a statement on the future of decentralized finance (DeFi), Chainlink co-founder and CEO Sergey Nazarov has stated that the DeFi ecosystem is growing very fast and the total value of locked assets could reach $1 trillion next year.

The World Health Organization Warns

WHO has stated that the Indian variant is of global concern as some preliminary studies have shown that it spreads more easily, and has emphasized that the global vaccine inequality is at very high levels.

VanEck Files an Ethereum ETF Application With the SEC

Having filed a Bitcoin application early in this year, which is still under investigation, VanEck now files an Ethererum ETF application with the SEC. If the SEC approves VanEck’s this application then this would be the first Ethereum ETF listed on CBOE in the USA.

Ninepoint Wants to Neutralize Bitcoin's Carbon Footprints

Ninepoint, one of Canada's Bitcoin exchange-traded fund regulators, announced its plans to offset the carbon footprints of the BTC ETF product and also signed a partnership with the carbon offset service provider. In this way, the company will try to neutralize the environmental impact of Bitcoin mining.

UBS Plans to Offer Cryptocurrency Service

Switzerland's largest corporate bank UBS plans to provide cryptocurrency services special to its wealthy customers. According to the BNN Bloomberg several crypto investment options are being considered but any offering would be a small portion of the clients’ total wealth.

XRP Movements

Whale Alert has reported that in the last 24 hours nearly 74 million XRP has been moved by the foreign cryptocurrency exchanges.

Digital Yuan Failed to Get the Desired Reaction

It is reported that the digital yuan that China is working on, has failed to affect the participants of early phase pilot study and it was stated that this could be an obstacle to the internationalization of the yuan.

Rari Capital to Offer Tokens to Cyber Attack Victims
On Friday, decentralized finance protocol Rari Capital’s ether pool was attacked and approximately 2,600 ether of $10 million worth was stolen. Rari Capital has announced that it will offer RGT token up to $26 million in total to the victims of the exploit.

Investors Will Be Able to Store AVAX in Ledger

AVAX announced that it integrates with hardware wallets Ledger Nano S and Nano X. With this development, investors will be able to store AVAX in these hardware wallets.

Tokyo Wants To Become a Cryptocurrency Trading Hub

Japan's interest in cryptocurrencies continues to increase day by day. Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly member Nobuko Irie has stated that they want to make Tokyo a cryptocurrency trading hub and that new financial resources should be created using blockchain technology as a growth strategy.

Millions of Dollars Worth Bitcoin at Risk, Warns Opimas

Financial services company Opimas has stated that $ 200 million worth of Bitcoin is at risk since the institutional investors holding large amounts of Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies use wallets designed for individual investors.

Ripple and SEC Will Hold Phone Conference on May 21

Judge Sarah Netburn has scheduled a phone conference for May 21 between Ripple and the US Securities and Exchange Commission. At the conference,  the documentation of Ripple's legal advice on XRP and the dispute regarding this matter will be held. 

Indonesia Prepares to Tax Digital Asset Trade

Indonesia plans to tax the trading of digital assets due to the increased interest in crypto assets in recent months and the increase in crypto asset users in the country. According to a statement made by a spokesperson from the tax office, it was stated that the proposed plan is still under review and no changes have been implemented.

Digital Shekel Statement by the Central Bank of Israel

Israeli Central Bank has announced in a statement that it was re-evaluating the idea of digital shekel in order to improve payment infrastructures in the country. Although no clear decision on digital shekel has yet been made, Israeli Central Bank stated that they think the benefits of digital shekel outweigh its risks.

Hungary Plans To Reduce Taxes On Cryptocurrency Earnings

The Hungarian government plans to reduce the 30.5% tax on earnings from Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies to 15% as part of its economic recovery program.

Crypto Coins Spread in Three African Countries

According to the Mastercard Payment Index report, the use of cryptocurrencies has become widespread in Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa during the pandemic process, and most of the respondents stated that they plan to use cryptocurrencies next year.

eBey Will Allow NFT Sale

The e-commerce company will present an NFT inventory that will allow sellers that meet eBay standards to sell their digital collections such as trading cards, pictures and videos as NFT. eBay has also stated that users should be ready for methods that will enable them to buy and sell NFTs in a wider range in the future.

New Proposals from the South Korean National Assembly Research Service

The South Korean National Assembly Research Service (NARS) has formulated a number of recommendations to regulate the crypto industry, including the creation of a new body that will take responsibility for formulating crypto policy.


BITCOIN [BTC] 418329.97 TRY

While the aid package is expected to pass from the Senate, on the other hand, the Bitcoin and S&P 500 correlation has risen to a five-month high. The effect of this sentence on cryptocurrencies is quite intense. Rising interest rates in the USA, rhetoric that the corporate tax will be increased and the increase in the UK put pressure on major indices and even altcoins are affected by Bitcoin dominance. BTC, trading at the $ 47,000 level this morning, seems to be with 2.5% sellers. Although it is not a problem with cryptocurrencies, this situation, which is suppressed by the global risk appetite, increases the uncertainty. Speaking yesterday evening, Fed Chairman Powell said that the calmness will be maintained for now for rising interest rates, that the Fed is far from its targets and will use all the tools at its disposal if necessary; The upward pressure in interest rates continued and caused the currencies to be negatively affected.

When we consider BTC / USD technically, the declining trend that occurred in the daily period, the bullish channel that was disrupted in the four-hour period and the TOBO that did not form, rejected the rise. For this reason, there is a technical weakness. Although incoming metric data says that big sellers are stopping, the volumes show us that new buyers are not entering. The double top outlook in the daily period is also preparing downside if the $ 44,000 level is broken. For this reason, it can be considered to put stop loss behind the 44 thousand zone. Currently, there is a response run at $ 46,500, which corresponds to the Fibo'23.6 slice. 48.800 is the resistance zone that corresponds to the Fibo'38.2 slice.

RESISTANCES 49.737 / 52.433 / 54.167
SUPPORTS 45.307 / 43.573 / 40.877

BITCOIN [BTC] 418329.97 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 BTC


Ethereum is trading sideways and weak at $ 1470 this morning, keeping up with the weak movements of the general market direction. While the ETH-BTC splitter offers a more positive outlook for Ethereum, there is a general decline due to pressure from the stock and interest market. Goldman Sachs is also entering into cryptocurrency transactions, and 60% of its participants in the survey they have answered that they will increase their crypto assets in the coming period. Ethereum can also get a considerable share of this pie once it enters CME. On the other hand, ERC-20 network charges remain high, even though network charges are falling or not at the height to threaten the price of ETH at the moment.

When we consider the ETH / USD pair technically, the previous $ 1416 peak in the weekly period is currently our major support. Because if it goes under this region, it may turn into "dark cloud cover", which is a declining candle formation in the weekly period. In the four-hour period, TOBO did not occur and refused to cross the neckline, with no approval. The MACD is still on sale. The $ 1470 level is our Fibo'23.6 support, while $ 1416 is our major zone. It is useful to go with a prudent strategy. The outlook is weak and supportive.

RESISTANCES 1565 / 1660 / 1719
SUPPORTS 1410 / 1351 / 1256

ETHEREUM [ETH] 31672.20 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 ETH


The previous day, Ripple co-founder Brad Garlinghouse announced on Twitter that he had written a five-page denial of action to the SEC. Today, the lawyers of Chris Larsen, board member and co-founder, sent a letter to the New York court. In the letter, it was emphasized that the SEC's allegations were unfounded and could not prove their accusations. XRP saw a 6% price increase after the letter details were released. On the other hand, Ripple, which has recently announced its work on central banks, is trying to eliminate the negative impact of the litigation process by making strong breakthroughs. It is seen that XRP, which was not listed in many exchanges after the lawsuit, also increased its transfer volumes. Before moving on to the technical part, we should state that XRP has not technically reflected this, as well as the macro indicators gaining strength. However, we can say that the postponed valuations can spread to a more accelerated process. Still, it remains a key point for the potentially strong XRP project.

When the XRP / USD pair is technically analyzed, it is seen that the reaction from the $ 0.46 zone led the pair up by 6%, and then returned to the overall $ 0.46 old support zone. When the support zone specified during the day is followed, but when the chart is analyzed hourly, it is observed that the price movements here are unstable. On the other hand, as volume pulls itself down, momentum also peaks in CCI. For possible pullbacks, the $ 0.41 zone becomes the main support and reaction level.

RESISTANCES 0,4885 / 0,5187 / 0,5424
SUPPORTS 0,4346 / 0,4109 / 0,3807

RIPPLE [XRP] 11.08 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 XRP


LTC / USD parity appears on the last day of the week with prices in the region of $ 172. Litecoin has lost 5% on a daily basis, but Grayscale's purchase of Litecoin for the last month means demanding most of the Litecoin supply produced, and at the 24-hour exchange, 2500 LTC contracts were bought by Grayscale. However, it is inevitable that the negative developments on the Bitcoin side will also affect LTC prices, because Litecoin is one of the market leaders with the highest correlation with BTC. In the upcoming period, we can expect the intense interest on the Litecoin side to reflect positively on their valuations against the dollar.

When the LTC / USD parity is analyzed technically, it is seen that the pricing is above the $ 171 level in the Fibo'23.60 tranche. We can say that 23.60% of the Fibonacci retracement could work as strong support for LTC from where we can see upward reactions. On the other hand, when the Stochastik,% R and RSI indicators are analyzed, we can say that they are very close to the oversold zones and the reactions from here tend to be positive.

RESISTANCES 184,61 / 198,75 / 206,76
SUPPORTS 162,46 / 154,45 / 140,31

LITECOIN [LTC] 2607.80 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 LTC

Although LINK is experiencing a 4% retracement this morning, it has lost 10% in the 24-hour period, but remains in the 7% plus zone for weekly returns. On the other hand, with the increasing popularity and widespread use of cryptocurrencies and payment procedures, we see that LINK has also been integrated into many platforms. The previous day, a booking company that appeals to thousands of users and a platform that provides staking and interest income on cryptocurrencies, they started to support LINK as a payment and staking tool.

The LINK / USD pair broke down the $ 28.90 level, which is the main support zone, and accelerated the loss of the price here, by succumbing to the sell-off course. The correction experienced ended with the testing of $ 25.60, the middle band of the channel formed in the sagging regions, and a 5% response was recorded from here. Price candles above the $ 27.30 channel upper band may create a calm but positive course with the pair holding onto the bullish channel.

RESISTANCES 28,99 / 31,64 / 33,29
SUPPORTS 24,69 / 23,04 / 20,39


Brave platform, which enables Basic Attention Token to be integrated and accumulated as it is used, announced a new partnership. The company stated that it will make improvements through another browser that it has purchased, and that it aims to offer a new browser that works at Google standards and is also privacy-focused. Although detailed information about the process is not yet available, upgrades on Brave will continue to be positive for BAT. It would not be wrong to say that Brave's increasing potential day by day also positively affects the general course on BAT.

When the BAT / USD parity is analyzed technically, it is seen that Basic Attention Token, which has retreated by 4% on a daily basis, is priced in the $ 0.66 region. The uptrend that started as of February 23 is preserved, even the reactions are in the direction of the trend and more accelerated for the last few days. The chart retraces a little after the strong rise that it previously gave its signals and is holding on to the Fibo'78.60 retracement zone. The current correction zone in the $ 0.66 zone could be the support zone for the chart. We can say that the flag is still continuing, although the $ 0.56 level, where the flag formation started, is the point where the minor uptrend has passed.

RESISTANCES 0,7399 / 0,8314 / 0,8849
SUPPORTS 0,5949 / 0,5414 / 0,4499



The AVAX / USD pair is retracing 3.5% this morning and its current course is around $ 24.80. AVAX has been integrated into a new trading platform today, along with BTC and USD pairs. This development was welcomed positively for AVAX, whose partnerships gradually increased on the DeFi side. The platform allows AVAX to be staked and AVAX investors to profit from it.

The AVAX / USD pair remains horizontal between $ 22.00, the starting point of Fibonacci, and $ 31.00, which coincides with the Fibo' $ 23.60 level. The $ 31.00 level working as resistance pushed the pair to the current level of $ 24.80 as the hourly price candles gradually weakened in the last 3-day period. Initial support is at $ 22.00. Oscillators have begun to leave the negative zone. Stochastik,% R and RSI with the ends pointing up are thus giving a positive signal in the 4-hour period. For this reason, an upward reaction can be watched in the short term before reaching the support level. However, the view is quite horizontal.

RESISTANCES 26,7564 / 29,4900 / 31,1048
SUPPORTS 22,4080 / 20,7932 / 18,0596

AVALANCHE [AVAX] 285.98 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 AVAX