Bitcoin Has Surpassed Other Investment Tools In The Last 10 Years

Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees explained that while Gold brought 32% profit, the S&P 500 tripled investors' money, while Bitcoin made an incredible 7,837,884% gain in the decade. He also stated that every asset manager should understand Bitcoin based on the rate of return.

Great Partnership Between Chainlink and Polkadot

Major Partnership Between Chainlink and Polkadot Major Partnership Between Chainlink and Polkadot, seen as one of the competitors of the Ethereum network, aims to create a kind of decentralized financial union, which is the partner of Ethereum network-based DeFi applications. This association will focus directly on cryptocurrency and DeFi projects in the Polkadot ecosystem and will aim to meet the needs of the community.

Pakistan Takes Action To Legalize Bitcoin and Crypto Mining

Pakistan's Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] will step up the regulatory framework for Cryptocurrency after the state parliament announced its decision to legalize crypto trading and mining on December 2.

Additional $ 50 Million Bitcoin Investment from MicroStrategy

American company MicroStrategy purchased another $ 50 million of Bitcoin (BTC) at a price of $ 19,400. With this last purchase by the company, the total number of Bitcoins it holds has increased to 40,824. The company has made $ 100 million in the past few months with its investment in Bitcoin. This profit amounts to more than the profit made by the company in the last 3 years.

Ripple Sells Its Shares On Moneygram

Ripple Labs recently announced that it sold its $ 15 million MoneyGram investment in 2019. The total price of the sales corresponds to $ 15,303,792.

Grayscale Buys $ 140 Million Bitcoin

Grayscale, holding $ 10 billion in Bitcoin, purchased over 7.1000 BTC on December 4 to hold on behalf of customers and investors. The amount purchased only corresponds to eight times the amount of Bitcoin mined that day.

Ethereum Will Be Listed On The Toronto Stock Exchange

3iQ's Ether fund has been approved to be listed on the world's ninth-largest exchange by market capitalization on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX). With a market valuation of approximately $ 68 billion, the fund offers Canadian investors the opportunity to evaluate their investments in Ethereum.


BITCOIN [BTC] 445904.50 TRY

Bitcoin is trading above $ 19,000 on the first day of the new week. BTC / USD, which fell to the $ 18,500 zone due to Bitcoin miners' sales the previous week, reacted from this zone. While 1 and 3 months active supply reached the highest level in 4 months, 5 and 7 years active supply decreased to the lowest level in 2 years. While long-term Bitcoin holding continues, short-term BTCs are quickly turned into cash by miners. Unless this situation turns into fund sales, it will not start an important downtrend, and we see that the funds are making new Bitcoin purchases day by day.

When we consider BTC / USD technically, we stated last week that there is a support zone for pullbacks in the $ 18,400-18,600 range, when the $ 18,500 level was the turning point. Considering that the peaks are falling and the bottoms remain in the $ 18,500 region, the question continues, can we follow the descending triangle in the coming period. In addition to the uptrend, there is also a weakness on the indicator basis. Therefore, we can say that resistance purchases are riskier right now.

SUPPORTS 18,965 / 18,685 / 18,475
RESISTANCES 19,455 / 19,665 / 19,945

BITCOIN [BTC] 445904.50 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 BTC


Ethereum began to be a rising value in line with Bitcoin popularity after the 2.0 transition on December 1. While Bitcoin is the first stop of investors, fund managers are said to have turned to ETH after an intense demand. The sale of stake (locked) BTCs during the 2.0 transition of Ethereum affects ETH / USD somewhat due to the Bitcoin peak, but the temporary nature of this situation already holds a new trend. The 1-week and 1-month ETH supply increases, supporting this short-term trading issue.

When we take the ETH / USD pair technically, the $ 620-625 zone has become the main resistance. Using the indicators, the MACD and Momentum point to a slight weakness, while the $ 560-580 zone is the point where both the bullish trend has passed and the major support in the retracements. For this reason, we follow the returns from these supports, we monitor them for additional reaction chance. The uptrend continues in the image formed until this time and sales are reacting from the current stated support.

SUPPORTS 585 / 575 / 565
RESISTANCES 605 / 615 / 625

ETHEREUM [ETH] 31603.25 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 ETH


Avalanche generally values ​​the blockchain industry and the immutable token (NFT) industry. Various games and applications are being designed to raise awareness of individuals and businesses about how blockchain can transform games, improve or disrupt existing business areas, and accelerate adoption. Now Avalanche has made a new breakthrough and has joined the Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA).

When we consider AVAX / USD technically; The first of the two upward trends we have drawn since November 4 contains the main picture and the other contains the sag levels. For this reason, our main support of 3.60 and $ 3.40 can be called the comfort zone as the region where sagging is observed. AVAX / USD, which continues to move below our main support of $ 3.60, may see a rising momentum again if it exceeds $ 3.65. While the short term AVAX / USD, which forms a descending line above, struggled to pass above 3.88, there was a squeeze area between the $ 3.60-3.40 zone from below. With the improved outlook, we evaluate AVAX / USD positively in the short term.

SUPPORTS 3,4925 / 3,4360 / 3,3640
RESISTANCES 3,6205 / 3,6925 / 3,7490

AVALANCHE [AVAX] 404.21 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 AVAX


Ripple is trading near $ 0.61, retracing around 1% on the first day of the new week. XRP has soared in total market cap to become the third largest cryptocurrency ahead of Tether. On December 12, XRP Airdrop, Spark Token will be distributed. With the announcement that almost all of the giant exchanges will support, XRP prices continued to be positive. With this token, it is planned to bring Ethereum-like functionality to XRP Ledger. The profit sale of Ripple's shares in MoneyGram has further strengthened Ripple's hand. With partnerships in the future, it is expected to show positive reflections in the price of XRP. A new era may open for Ripple, especially if the PayPal listing we are waiting as the Research team is realized.

When we consider XRP / USD technically, it is moving forward around $ 0.61, reacting upwards compared to last week's transactions on the four-hour charts. In our analysis we talked about last week, the OBO view in a four-hour period signaled a return from the uptrend. With a retracement from the $ 0.63 levels to the $ 0.54 levels, the OBO outlook completed the turn signal. While the outlook for XRP / USD, which is on the rise again, is in the direction of recovery appetite for now, the movements are weak. It is trading in the range of $ 0.63-0.60. The $ 0.6475 and $ 0.6650 resistances could be considered, with the buying trading higher.

SUPPORTS 0,5875 / 0,5615 / 0,5430
RESISTANCES 0,6325 / 0,6515 / 0,6775

RIPPLE [XRP] 7.81 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 XRP


While Litecoin rose to levels of $ 85 last weekend, it is trading near $ 83 this morning, with a change of around 1%. According to Glassnode data; The Realized Price Ratio reached its highest level in the last seven months at $ 69.55. It seems that short-term market sentiment has disappeared. The amount of Litecoin that investors keep in their wallets has decreased by an average of 141.76 thousand LTC in the last week. The biggest drop of the last three years was encountered. The fact that traders keep Litecoin in their wallets is an indication that the selling pressure is decreasing. In summary, this draw from stock exchange wallets to cold wallets is a harbinger of the fact that it will not be sold in the near and medium term.

Transactions in LTC / USD were concentrated in the range of $ 85-90 last week. Although pullbacks to $ 78 are observed with the weekend selling pressure, it is trading at $ 83. If LTC / USD manages to rise above the current $ 85 within the day, $ 90-95 could be considered. Although the $ 90 could not be broken, the potential of $ 103 continues in the target zone in LTC / USD, where the double bottom formation continues.

SUPPORTS 81,15 / 78,90 / 77,45
RESISTANCES 84,90 / 86,35 / 88,65

LITECOIN [LTC] 1890.76 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 LTC

Drawing a fluctuating market outlook over the weekend, LINK is trading near $ 13, retracing around 2% this morning, according to yesterday's trading. According to Santiment data, the number of wallets holding at least 1,000 Chainlinks (LINK) increased by more than 445 wallet addresses compared to November. Although the increase in demand for LINK is positive, the increase in the number of whales can also cause the price to decrease with sales pressures. It is desired to create a decentralized financial union with the partnership of LINK and Polkadot. With increasing support for this union, it is planned to see positive reflections in LINK.

Technically, LINK continues its movements in the decreasing trend since the end of November, and continues its transactions between $ 12.90-14.05. Although it broke down $ 12.90 from strong supports on Friday, it quickly recovered. If LINK / USD, which continues its operations in the descending trend slope, breaks the $ 13.40 upward, the $ 13.68-14.05 levels can be considered. If it trades above $ 14.05 in case of continuation of its rise, the resistance of $ 14.80 comes to the fore. The levels of $ 12.90-12.65 come to the fore in possible retreats.

SUPPORTS 12,90 / 12,45 / 12,15
RESISTANCES 13,65 / 13,95 / 14,35


While BAT / USD traded near $ 0.2400 on the horizontal axis last week, it retreated to $ 0.2260 due to pullbacks. It is trading at $ 0.2340 in the morning, and there is a tightness in the lower zone of the descending trend that has been continuing from the end of November. The $ 0.2490-0.2550 levels are in the foreground, breaking the $ 0.2360 level.

SUPPORTS 0,2285 / 0,2225 / 0,2180
RESISTANCES 0,2390 / 0,2435 / 0,2495


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