Middle East Leader In Crypto Use Turkey

In the 2020 Chainalysis cryptocurrency report, Turkey uses cryptocurrency the most among the Middle East countries. According to the report, Turkish people adopt cryptocurrency more. Besides, the Middle East region came after Africa and took its place as the second last cryptocurrency market in the world.
The Tether can be used in South Korean ATMs

Tether is increasing its effectiveness in South Korea thanks to its partnership with MeconCash. According to the agreement, South Korean Won can be withdrawn with Tether at 13,600 ATMs in South Korea. USDT can be used in various payment services as well as using ATMs.

Cryptocurrency Move From PayPal

PayPal is banned in Turkey in 2016, in a program broadcast on CNBC, a rumor emerged that many vendors of cryptography to help start accepting money payments. This claim, made by Sandi Bragar, manager of asset management firm Aspiriant, backed up the information that PayPal has accelerated Blockchain Developer acquisitions in recent months.


BITCOIN [BTC] 437937.61 TRY

SUPPORTS 10,880/ 10,750/ 10,600/ 10,440
RESISTANCES 11,000/ 11,200/ 11,450/ 11,550

BITCOIN [BTC] 437937.61 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 BTC


SUPPORTS 367/ 360/ 354/ 348
RESISTANCES 376/ 388/ 399/ 410

ETHEREUM [ETH] 30081.59 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 ETH


SUPPORTS 0.2440/ 0.2382/ 0.2332/ 0.2300
RESISTANCES 0.2482/ 0.2524/ 0.2565/ 0.2600

RIPPLE [XRP] 7.64 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 XRP


SUPPORTS 49,50/ 51,30/ 55/ 58,60
RESISTANCES 47,00/ 45,02/ 42,70/ 40,50

LITECOIN [LTC] 1801.38 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 LTC

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