One Percent of Ethereum Supply Staked

According to Ethereum 2.0 Launchpad, around 1.15 million Ethereum currently deposited have been Staked. It provides an estimated 14.6% annual return for stakers. The Beacon chain reports that it currently has fewer than 35,000 validators. The total supply of Ethereum is approximately 113.7 million Ethereum. This means a little more than one percent of the shares.

DeFi Market Continues to Grow

A popular cryptocurrency analyst and YouTuber, noting the rise of DeFi projects using the Ethereum network, announced airdrops that could be the largest in history in the future. Honey Badger Hunt, a DeFi ecosystem that aims to develop products that help accelerate Bitcoin in the DeFi industry, and dYdx, a decentralized derivatives exchange supported by powerful investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, are among the prominent airdrops.

Institutional Interest Registration to Ethereum

Michael Sonnenshein, Managing Director of Grayscale Investment LLC, stated that Ethereum has become the preferred investment option of the client base of many institutional Bitcoin firms. This situation accelerated after the Ethereum 2.0 transition. Interest in Ethereum is increasing day by day as well as Bitcoin's institutional investor.

Partnership With RippleNet Is Increasing Day By Day

Australian payment services provider Novatti announced its partnership with San Francisco-based blockchain company Ripple. Due to the connection, its customers will be able to gain access to RippleNet, the global financial network that covers more than 55 countries and 120 currency pairs.

German Bank Launches Crypto Fund Covering Digital Asset Portfolio
Hauck & Aufhäuser's Digital Wealth Fund stated that it will reportedly cover 85% of the total crypto asset market. The initiative, a collaboration with Berlin fintech Kapilendo, will target institutional and semi-institutional investors who want to invest in a portfolio of crypto assets, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Stellar (XLM), according to a report on FundView.

Venezuela Sends Payment to Turkey Bitcoin

The Venezuelan government has prepared the anti-embargo law against sanctions. This law will be used to find an alternative to the restrictions imposed. Bitcoin and crypto money will be used in foreign trade transactions. A portion of the operations carried out under the leadership of the Central Bank of Venezuela announced that with Turkey and Iran.


BITCOIN [BTC] 449884.62 TRY

Bitcoin remains steady above $ 19,000 this morning. The sale of Bitcoins produced in a short period by miners continues. Bitcoins, which are in active supply for 1 and 3 months, have reached the highest level of 4 months as they are subject to trading, while BTCs that were active in the last 3 and more period have reached the highest level of 3 years. Surveys continue to come to increase Bitcoin price performance expectations next year. In particular, the Dollar Index and the expectation performance of the dollar circulate returns to Bitcoin.

When we consider the BTC / USD technically, the descending triangle formation, which we also mentioned in the graph, started to become evident. Finally, the pattern started to become evident as the top peaks failed to break the $ 19,400 level. The movements it will make towards the old minor uptrend indicated by the dashed line also seem to be prone to the scenario we call pull back, which we describe as turning and falling again. While the gains are limited to $ 19,300-19,400 for now, $ 18,900 remains our major support and reaction point.

SUPPORTS 18,940 / 18,675 / 18,470
RESISTANCES 19,405 / 19,610 / 19,875

BITCOIN [BTC] 449884.62 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 BTC


Ethereum may once again come up with DeFi (decentralized finance) projects. The airdrop of projects, which may be the largest in three of its history, will begin. The amount currently locked to DeFi Tokens has also approached the $ 15 billion limit. After the 2.0 transition on December 1, Bitcoin started to be a rising value in line with its popularity. While Bitcoin was the first stop of investors, Grayscale executives said that an intense demand turned to ETH. It is worth noting that while Bitcoin has a symbolic value, Ethereum is also a technological symbol.

When we take the ETH / USD pair technically, the $ 620-625 zone has become the main resistance. While the horizontal trend continues in the short term, a secondary trend remains upward. If we talk about the scenario in which it may regress in response to a possible market correction; It is worth noting that there are support passing through the $ 560 levels and additional bullish trends. Withdrawals find demand from the market.

SUPPORTS 585 / 575 / 570
RESISTANCES 600 / 610 / 615

ETHEREUM [ETH] 30857.96 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 ETH


Ripple hovered around $ 0.6180 yesterday while retracing around 2% this morning, moving around $ 0.6070. Corporate companies that partner with Ripple company are adding a new one every day. Their most recent clients joined Novatti, an Australian payment services provider that offers a global financial network spanning more than 55 countries and 120 currency pairs. The increase of companies is expected to refresh the confidence in Ripple, as well as to have positive forward-looking effects.

When we consider XRP / USD technically, it follows a horizontal trend on the four-hour charts compared to yesterday's transactions. XRP / USD, which managed to hold above $ 0.6000, is moving at $ 0.6060, the key support level in yesterday's trading. The descending trend trend that has been continuing since the end of November continues. With its rising again, the levels of $ 0.6180-0.6360 come to the fore. With a break below $ 0.6000, $ 0.5930-0.5660 levels can be considered. 
Bu kaynak metin hakkında daha fazla bilgiEk çeviri bilgileri için kaynak metin gerekli
Geri bildirim gönder
Yan paneller

SUPPORTS 0,5900 / 0,5765 / 0,5615
RESISTANCES 0,6185 / 0,6335 / 0,6470

RIPPLE [XRP] 7.89 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 XRP


Litecoin is moving around $ 83 this morning, down 1% from yesterday's transactions. According to Glassnode data, while the total transaction fee paid to miners for inter-wallet transfers reached the highest level in the last 15 months, it increased by 186% in the last day. We can understand that investors are actively trading and are heavily interested in Litecoin. Such increases can be encountered when transaction density and demand increase. The 173% increase in the average transaction volume in the last day is a proof of this.

When we consider the LTC / USD technically, it follows a horizontal course on the four-hour charts compared to yesterday's transactions. LTC / USD, which rose as high as $ 86.80 in yesterday's transactions, is moving around $ 83 this morning. If LTC / USD manages to rise above the current $ 85 within the day, $ 90-95 could be considered. The levels of $ 81-79 come to the fore in possible retreats. The target zone of $ 103 continues in LTC / USD, where double bottom formation continues.

SUPPORTS 81,50 / 79,40 / 76,85
RESISTANCES 86,15 / 88,70 / 90,80

LITECOIN [LTC] 1825.21 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 LTC

LINK is moving around $ 12.60 with a 3% retreat from yesterday's trading. The rise in LINK and DeFi tokens using the Ethereum network in the last month has also outpaced Bitcoin. For this reason, he started to take an active interest in corporate companies.

Technically, LINK continues its movements in the decreasing trend since the end of November, while continuing its transactions between $ 12.50-14.05. If LINK / USD, which continues its operations in the descending trend slope, breaks the $ 13.05 up, the $ 13.50-14.05 levels can be considered. If the withdrawal continues, the levels of $ 12.50-12.30 come to the fore. The outlook is weak, but the support for reaction is followed carefully.

SUPPORTS 12,35 / 12,10 / 11,65
RESISTANCES 13,10 / 13,50 / 13,80


BAT is moving around $ 0.2280 this morning with a pullback around 1% based on yesterday's trading. According to Glassnode data, the number of active addresses, that is, the number of residual addresses, has increased by 34% in the last day. Although there is a daily decrease, there is a weak outlook across the market. BAT's withdrawals, which were negatively affected by the decline in market conditions, are fundamentally not approved, and the technical outlook is also unstable.
BAT / USD continues with sales according to yesterday's transactions. Trading at $ 0.2350 in the morning hours, but it fell to 0.2280 at noon. It continues its operations behind the upward trend that has been ongoing since mid-November. It is traded in the range of $ 0.2275-0.2390, and if it goes outside this horizontal band, retractions may be in question towards the $ 0.2200 region.

SUPPORTS 0,2330 / 0,2275 / 0,2245
RESISTANCES 0,2410 / 0,2445 / 0,2495


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