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BITCOIN [BTC] 80343.99 TRY

BTCUSD tested the 8800 support as we mentioned on 27 June 2020, gradually raised, and even though it broke the 9220 resistance because of Non-Agricultural Employment Data, the reaction was limited to keep 9300 levels and could not catch the momentum. When the data released on 2 July 2020 is analyzed, it shows that a decrease in the hourly earnings yet 4 million 800 thousand employment created with the expectation of 3.23 million furthermore, unemployment data is much more than expected. The first reaction shows the withdrawal of gold price (next response tends to recover the losses)  and upward movement of S&P and Cryptocurrencies. In the following, as we have mentioned from our sources, cryptocurrencies had a vivid withdrawal, and thus BTCUSD dropped below the 9000 levels.

The buyers kept the cryptocurrency's strength at the 9000 levels, and BTCUSD tries to keep up above 9070 support. When 1-hour and 4-hour graphics are analyzed is keeping on above 8900 supports the upward movement, and for the daily graphic, it thought that the selling pressure is on the agenda since 1 June. In that case, for expected withdrawal, 9070, 8900, and 8800 levels should be followed. If volume increases occur in short positions, 8621 and 8500 levels should be taken into consideration. If the cryptocurrency can catch a positive outflow from 9500 resistance in an upward movement, continuity can be expected.

RESISTANCES 9220 – 9330 – 9500 – 9723
SUPPORTS 9070 – 8800 – 8621 – 8500

BITCOIN [BTC] 21.377,00 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 BTC


ETHUSD could not catch an upward movement from 230-232 band, gradually retreated, and tested 223 support. The peak price of the number of Ethereum addresses did not impact enough, and the price returned from critical resistances. The increase of addresses where is happened from BTC and ETH side is important for the entrance of new actors to the market, yet these facts would reflect on the prices in the following days. It is thought that a positive effect can be seen in prices with an increase in participation and liquidity. If we evaluate the cryptocurrency for the following days, it is possible to say that gradual retreat is dominant. As a result of sales pressures, the retreats up to 225 and 223 supports can be seen as usual. Downward breakage of the specified area may support pricing up to 215 support. Above, the 228 and 232 resistances remain important. Sales pressure can continue to dominate if it cannot provide permanence above the specified area.

RESISTANCES 228 – 232 – 237 – 241
SUPPORTS 225 – 223 – 215 210

ETHEREUM [ETH] 21.377,00 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 ETH


Completing the week with 0.1800 resistance in the range of 0.1735 bands, XRPUSD continues its progress in the oversold region. Breaking of the 20 MA and 0.1851 resistance in the daily chart supports upward mobility. In this case, 0.1892, 0.1920, and 0.1979 resistors can be followed.

Lack of an uptrend from 0.1851 may create limitations in accelerations. At this point, it is thought that 0.1735 support should be followed carefully. Breaking the support may increase sales pressure, but 0.1621 and 0.1569 supports may come to the agenda.

RESISTANCES 0.1800 – 0.1851 - 0.1892 - 0.1920
SUPPORTS 0.1735 – 0.1682 – 0.1627 – 0.1559

RIPPLE [XRP] 21.377,00 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 XRP


XLMUSD retreated by breaking the 0.0664 level, gained momentum by holding on the support of 0.0599, and tested the resistance of 0.0707. The cryptocurrency retreated to equilibrium from the overbought region by encountering the sale pressure on the resistance. We observe that XLMUSD tends to move to 0.0664 support level and tries this support periodically. If it is above the specified level, the resistance of 0.0707 may come up again, but the failure of the field to be broken upwards may trigger the selling pressure. (The region up to 0.0599 can be considered gradually.) If positive rising from 0.0707 is caught, the resistance of 0.0725 and 0.0741 can be followed.

RESISTANCES 0.0683 - 0.0699 – 0.0707 – 0.0725
SUPPORTS 0.0664 – 0.0653 – 0.0636 – 0.0621

STELLAR LUMENS [XLM] 21.377,00 TRY +7.00 +0.03 VOL 21 XLM