Getting a Passport With Bitcoin is Now Easier

Peninsula Visa & Passport Service (Peninsula Visa and Passport Services), which serves in the United States, paves the way for passport purchases with Bitcoin. Currently only valid for some passport purchases. In the next 12 months, cryptocurrency investors will be able to pay the service fee with Bitcoin for passport renewal, second passport purchase, second passport renewal, and name change transactions.

A New Test Network from Ethereum

On November 18, the public Pyrmont Testnet will start with 100,000 validators managed by customer teams and then open to participation. While Pyrmont is likely to be supported through the Beacon Chain formation, it probably won't be the last test net to launch. As the developers prepare for the launch of these updates, the community is waiting for more updates on the launch of ETH 2.0.

Crypto Money Attack From Banks

It has been reported that Belarusbank, the largest financial institution in Belarus, will launch a cryptocurrency exchange service. It will offer a service that allows users to exchange cryptocurrencies using a Visa payment card.

Ripple Product Name Changes

San Francisco-based crypto company Ripple has filed a new application in the US for a product called PayString. The PayString trademark is the same as the PayID logo. PayID was an open-source payment identification system launched by Ripple in June this year. PayString will offer services for receiving and using remittances and monetary gifts in fiat and virtual currencies over a network of computers.

New Country Added To Cryptocurrency Regulations

Central Bank of the Central Asian country Kyrgyzstan announced that it has started work on a bill to regulate the cryptocurrency industry in the country. Among the expected benefits of the new regulations, the bank aims to introduce the development of digital financial products, favorable conditions for business, and even a formal tax regime for digital assets.

Ethereum 2.0 Is Coming To The Expected Level
The four Ethereum-based liquidity pools of the Uniswap decentralized cryptocurrency platform will be closed at the end of the campaign. With the closure of four pools, it is known that over 2 million Ethereum will be unlocked tonight. Currently, 524,288 ETH must be staked for Ethereum 2.0. Because Ethereums that will be released increase the possibility of a transition to Ethereum 2.0 if they are staked (stored and locked) for the new update.

Banks' Expectation for Bitcoin Increases

CitiBank Managing Director Thomas Fitzpatrick recently published a new report called "Bitcoin: 21st Century Gold", where he made an ambitious target that Bitcoin could reach $ 318,000 by December 2021. The interest and predictions of big banks in cryptocurrencies also increase the interest of investors.

Serious Increase in Bitcoin Transaction Density

Bitcoin (BTC) price reached its 2020 high as it approached the $ 17,000 level. Last month, the BTC price gained over 50% as net buyers on exchanges suppressed miner sales during this period. In an hourly analysis on exchanges, Bitcoin purchases reach about 20 times the amount that miners sell.

Great Support to Ethereum from Investment Companies

IBC Group, a Dubai-based boutique investment firm, announced that it will invest $ 10 million worth of Ethereum to support the Ethereum 2.0 launch. IBC will receive a total of 21,984 ETH shares in three tranches for 687 validators. However, only 101,216 ETH has been invested in the contract so far. Ethereum must be staked (locked) to Ethereum 2.0, which will be launched on December 1, 524.288.

Digital Coins Can Change Balances
Andy Haldane, the chief economist at Bank of England, said digital currencies could reduce the need for negative interest rates. Haldane argued in his speech that digital currencies can improve financial stability.

Bitcoin Can't Satisfy the Record
The total market cap of the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has risen to over $ 330 billion, breaking an all-time record in terms of total market capitalization. Bitcoin is very close to MasterCard, one of the world's largest payment providers, with a total market value of $ 336 billion.

Banks Take Cryptocurrencies
BNB Paribas, the ninth-largest bank in the world; In order to measure the efficiency of Ethereum (ETH) and Tezos (XTZ) platforms in financial processes, it came together with several different organizations and started a new test study. BNB Paribas will collaborate with CA CIB, Caisse de Dépots, Tokeny, and The Blockchain XDEV in the process. What happens when token or securities transactions within the blockchain network are atomized will be tested. This feature is thought to increase transaction speed and reduce cost.


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